9 Struggles Every Bookworm Knows All Too Well

9 Struggles Every Bookworm Knows All Too Well

You never know if there is going to be a happy ending or if you're just going to cry a lot.

If you have a passion for books and are an avid reader like myself, then you know some of the typical struggles we go through after reading some of our favorite books. These struggles can result in happily ever afters, for us readers, or insanity- there is no in between. With that said, here are some of the most common struggles we go through on a daily basis.

1. Reading the books too fast.

One of my biggest problems here is that I read novels way too fast. I can get a 600 page book and have it read in two days (or less depending on how powerful I feel). Many people underestimate this ability to read an entire series of books in a week, but it's just like Netflix. Except instead of binge watching TV shows we're binge reading, which is way better if you ask me.

2. Throwing books (and temper tantrums) while reading.

Ah, good times. It never fails to find that one book, or many, that cause you to go into a fit of rage depending on the character's actions or by how cruel the author can be, like throwing your favorite ship into Tartarus. Only Percy Jackson fans will get that one. And of course there are many other series of books that will make you want to cry, scream, or punch someone in the throat. But don't worry, if you feel any of these emotions then you are perfectly normal.

3. Falling in love with fictional characters.

Man, this is probably the worst struggle of a book worm. After reading and reading, we find that we connect very closely to many of the characters (a little too closely sometimes). Because of this, we helplessly fall in love with the characters. Villains or protagonists, it doesn't matter. We love them all. I mean, can you blame us though? There are a lot more decent guys/girls in books than there are in real life.

4. Having high expectations in reality because of said fictional characters.

Because we fall for fictional characters, it helps give us high expectations for reality. Our standards are higher for relationships, friends, how we should live our lives, and just everything to be honest. It's easy to get frustrated when you realize reality is real and you can't escape it. *Cries*

5. Getting pulled into a bunch of different "fandoms" and "ships."

Getting sucked into fandoms/ships is like trying to falling asleep: slowly, and then all at once. No seriously though, fandoms will drive you insane. For those of you that don't know what fandoms are, they are basically just a group of fans of a particular series of anything. If you get into a lot of different books, chances are you will be apart of some fandom that relates to it. And being apart of the whole shipping community is even worse. It's basically who you want to be in a relationship. Catchy, right? But also very dangerous. You can get into fights over who which characters you ship together.

6. Ignoring your family and friends just so you can read.

I am hella guilty of this. You will not see me for days (or weeks depending on how bad the book wounds me) while I am reading. Sometimes I forget to eat. The only time you stop reading is never, not until you finish it.

7. Questioning your entire existence after reading a book.

This is probably one of the parts I hate the most. It happens every time when you get done reading that amazing book or series and it just tears you apart. It's like you don't know what to do with your life. You just sit on your bed, staring into an empty void while you try to decipher what the hell just happened.

8. Constantly making puns about your favorite books that no one understands.

Oh yeah, everyone does this. It doesn't matter where you are; you could be out at the mall with your friends or whatever kids do these days and you could see something or hear something that suddenly just triggers you. The next thing you know you are either crying, screaming, or reciting lines from a book. All anyone can do at this point is look at you like your crazy. Yeah it happens, and no I'm not ashamed.

9. Thanking the gods for such wonderful books being placed on earth.

Yeah, we may cry or get aggravated at some of the books we read, but that is just the beauty of it. Some people don't understand that in each story you read comes a greatness or a change in you. Most stories have a moral that we begin to live by or make us have an epiphany about our lives. There are so many books out there that are responsible for inspiring us to do great things and teaching us great lessons in life. So bookworms, continue to read your hearts out, even if it makes you more insane.

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