Your Thanksgiving Break, Told Through Your Group Snapchat

Your Thanksgiving Break, Told Through Your Group Snapchat

Dogs, dads and decorations.

Everyone loves a good Snapchat, whether it's to just one person or everyone on your friends list. There are the classics; the just eyebrows and forehead, the blurry shot of a friend walking, the video of someone yelling something that can't quite be understood, and so many more.

Here are 9 Snapchats you should expect over Thanksgiving break.

1. The Leaving One

Your first friend has departed from campus and they're sure to let you know that they're now free of responsibilities for a whole six days.

2. The Stuck One

The friend who isn't going home for break and suddenly realized that everyone else is.

3. The One With The Dog Reunion

It's a blurry video of a dog running around your friends' ankles and you replay it three times because they're right, that dog is cute.

4. The Sibling Reunion One

Either a selfie with the sibling or a shot of them sitting on the couch feet away, probably flipping off the camera. Ah, siblings.

5. The One with the Parents

Yep, there they are good old Mom and Pops. Make sure you Snapchat back to tell them hello and thank you for the wonderful human being they made.

6. The One of the Home Bedroom

You've heard all about the big Hannah Montana poster and the One Direction cardboard cutouts but you still need photographic evidence and maybe a screenshot to savor.

7. The One with the Extended Family

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. Everyone is turning out and everyone is getting caught on film.

8. The One with the Food

A wonderful, real meal for the first time in ages.

9. The Coming Home One

The car is packed back up and the squad is heading back!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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My Puppy Is One Of The Best Friends I'll Ever Have

Despite my puppy’s strange preferences and habits, she is one of the best friends I could ever have.

Dogs really are a human bean’s (pun intended) best friend. I know, it’s a bit cliche, but my puppy, (whom is really not a puppy because she’s four-years-old (~28 in dog years) is relentlessly and irrevocably obsessed with all things, especially, me.

In fact, as I am drafting this article, she is literally sitting half on top of me (not that there’s much room there as I’m quite a little human bean, nope, not done with that pun yet). She is also on my laptop and is continuously snuggling her face into areas where she should not be snuggling her face because now I have to lean over the furball-extravaganza that is my fluffy white friend over here just to type. Annoying.

But, as satirical as this constant occurrence can render itself to be, she (Snow, her name is Snow, probably because she’s a shedding white mess and a native of Minnesota) does this because she loves me.

I can’t imagine why she does, when all I really do is feed her, play occasionally, and sit around doing people things while she marvels at whatever it is I’m doing. She is constantly probably thinking something along the lines of “Kenzie, you’re a weirdo” or “Seriously, what on Earth are you doing and why do humans do such odd things all the time?"

Really, she would likely be contented if we just stayed in bed having cuddle parties and eating popcorn (the infamous favorite dog treat) or playing with the rope. Be warned however, that my dog is bizarre in more ways than one, especially when it comes to expressing her “luff” (yes, that is how I imagine a dog would say “love”, ignore my crappy attempt at satire), allow me to elaborate.

For one, Snow is a member of what I’ve deemed “lickers anonymous." Okay really, while I’m typing, is that entirely necessary? Yes, I get it dog, you love me, don’t need to repeatedly lick the same surface on my wrist for twenty minutes straight to prove that to me. Also, it tickles, get a new hobby, seriously. You might proclaim, “Hey, why don’t you just move your arm?” Woah, genius alert! The problem with Snow is if I do that, she will simply place her paw on top of my arm and hold it down so she can continue her slobbery assault of my wrist. She is a licking machine, and when she’s happy or on bored, she initiates auto-licking and goes wild until you inevitably get exhausted by it and a little grossed out and yell at her to stop licking. This sudden expressive outburst will naturally make her freeze, contemplate her choices for a solid 10 seconds, and then resume her audition tape for My Strange Addiction. And if you are finally pushed past the breaking point and threaten to send her to licker’s anonymous, if you’re lucky, she’ll take five.

Second thing is that Snow really is a big fan of her peng-wang (as Benedict Cumberbatch would pronounce “Penguin”. Look it up on YouTube, thank me later). Most dogs would love to chew up a squirrel toy or a chipmunk, or I don’t know a bird maybe, but a penguin is not often the immediate selection. This is because a dog is like a small child and a vending machine. Will they choose the granola bar or trail mix, or will they want that giant KitKat bar or a bag of artificially-colored rainbow goodness? Gee, I wonder.

Snow however, is that one child who wants the trail mix. She literally will not chew up, play with, or even touch an animal toy, unless it is a penguin. Picky much? She is worse than my Dad, who only eats pizza, a plain burger (yeah, that means meat and bun, sans everything else completely), meat (un-marinated), corn, and potatoes). No offense Dad, just making a point here, don’t mind me.

Of course, moral of the story here is that despite my puppy’s strange preferences and habits, she is one of the best friends I could ever have. All because of the unconditional love and some other mushy sappy whatever.

Cover Image Credit: Jennifer Berg

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How To Make Friends: College Edition

My sixth grade self would be kicking my a** by this point.

I came to college ready to wow and dazzle my classmates and roommates with my witty, suave, really cool personality. Two days in, I realized that I am in fact all of those things… in my head.

In reality, I have a severe case of foot-in-mouth syndrome and in social situations, when attention is turned to me, I get flushed and sweaty and even weirder.

You know when you share stories that you think are going to be funny but realize halfway through that you are about to crash and burn? Like, badly? But you finish anyway because it would be worse if you just stopped talking and then ensues that awful pause in which people don’t know whether or not they should push out a half snort in pity or just move on. Yeah, love those moments.

The last time I went out of my way to make a friend was probably elementary school. I’m not going to get into specifics but basically I have four really close best friends. And I’ve known three of them since second, third and fourth grade. The other, Abby, is a total extrovert and managed to befriend me during my freshman year of high school.

So what I’m saying is this:

When I entered college, I realized that I have no clue how to go about making new friends.

However, if college has taught me anything (because higher education is not the point of us being here, obviously) it is that I excel in making acquaintances. You need an acquaintance to bemoan homework assignments, giggle with during class or exchange some looks across the room about a lecture or comment, I am your girl.

But when it comes to meeting outside of class and just hanging out, I kind of suck. I worry about awkward silences, weird comments and lack of that je ne sais quoi (literally, I don’t know what) that creates insta-friends as easily as my microwavable ramen.

I seem to be the kind of person that gains friends through exposure. My roommates for instance. It only took me a semester but I’ve gotten to the point where I completely consider them friends. And I got really lucky in terms of how amazing my roommates are, bearing in mind the random assignment aspect.

I’ve come to accept that as someone who considers myself to be 80% introverted, maybe making and having 400 friends will never be my forte.

But, here are a few tips I’ve found helpful in overcoming my gawkiness.

1. Force yourself to participate in a group activity

Finding your niche is so important. Join a club, find people who like the things that you do. It sounds trite and very “I know, mom” but unless you would like to be alone every night of the weekend, this is key.

2. Talk!

This sounds simple but can be an introvert’s worst nightmare. Yo, if you f*** it up, play it off. People like people who can laugh at themselves every now and then. Eventually, the nervous blabbering will die out as you get more and more comfortable.

3. Play it cool

Guys, fake it until you make it. I understand the hand-shaking, body tremor nervousness that can arise in certain situations. But whenever that happens, I laugh louder. I talk more. I smile more. And more often than not, I surprise myself by actually having a good time.

After having a conversation with my friends, I’ve come to understand that maybe we’re all still wishing we were 10 year olds that are totally cool with a simple conversation that goes a little something like this...

Hey, wanna be my best friend?

And then they walk away, arm in arm, completely inseparable.

Cover Image Credit: Ryan Rothkopf

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