9 Signs You’re A Person Who Doesn’t Care As Told By 'The Office'

9 Signs You’re A Person Who Doesn’t Care As Told By 'The Office'

Live life with No Ragrets

You probably double text. There is also no such thing as two slices of pizza for you. When it comes to not caring you tend to build a no judgment zone as well. Here are 9 signs that hint towards you no longer giving a damn.

1. Snapchat location on

If you keep your location on knowing that every single one of your snapchat friends can see it, I am confident that you couldn't care less if everyone knows you’re doing the walk of shame, letting others see that you’re hitting the gentlemen’s club with your boys, or just even having a night out with the squad.

2. FaceTime in public

Whether you’re getting a mani/ pedi or sitting on the toilet mid-way through #2, as long as you can communicate with your best friend via FaceTime, you’ll do it anywhere.

3. Look it up, it’s called ~fashion~

If you do this, you couldn't care less about the “seasonal” rules. Ladies, long booties are in your fashion book for the summer. Crocs are the new slides for you. Boys, you’ve probably even worn Converse shoes and a suit to a certain event. Whatever the fashion choice may be…you will own it.

4. Ladies, you order that XL milkshake plus fries on the first date

Seriously, good for you. I applaud the bravery and defining what the zero-fox life is all about.

5. 60 on the highway really means 80

After all, there are no speed limits on the road to success.

6. You completely disregard the 21 and over law when it comes to alcohol.

“Teen drinking is very bad, YO I got a fake ID though” – J-Kwon

7. No bra zone

Girls, enjoy total and complete freedom without worrying about the judgments you’ll receive.

8. You purposely leave your read receipts on

This is a huge sign in showing others that you really don’t care whether or not they know you’ve opened their message, read it, and completely ignored them. Bye Felicia.

9. Not using protection

I’m referring to sunscreen, duh. Got to protect the skin.

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Some Quick Tips & Tricks to Staying Sane While Being An Awesome Leader

Being a leader is about options, flexibility, and standing in the back.

Everyone wants to be in charge, until the questions, criticism and finger-pointing start. Leadership isn't easy and it's not supposed to be. If you're interested in being a great leader, this one is for you:

Leadership at it’s finest:

No one likes a leader who tells everyone what to do, that’s called a boss and if you’re not paying him or her, they’re really going to hate it. Being a leader is about options, flexibility, and standing in the back. To be successful, you have to work to represent the collective whole, hear voices, listen and make yourself available. If you’re a leader with no time, be sure you find a way to prioritize the people you’re supposed to be leading. Here are some tips for being a Lovable Leader:

Make time

If people want to talk to you about their opinion, ask questions or use you as a sounding board. Be there, make it happen. When people know their voices are being heard, they are happier, more involved and more likely to contribute in the future. Plus the #1 job of being a leader, is leading based on not only what’s best, but what those who are letting you lead them would like to see.


You have to listen, if you’re not listening to them, they know, and they won’t listen to you. If you think your voice is worth being heard, remember that so is everyone else. Even, though you may not agree or be able to implement suggested changes, explain where you’re at and why things are or aren’t possible.

Give options, and honor the outcome.

Give people ownership over their choices and the direction you’re preparing to make. If there is an opportunity to give people a choice, give them that opportunity and honor it, even if it’s not the outcome you would have wanted.

Take criticism (you’ll get it).

If someone is trying to give you constructive criticism, you are a fool not to at least hear it. If they’re thinking it, know that other people are too. It is never fun to hear the ways maybe you aren’t rocking, but when you hear these things, you can make an effort to change, grow or improve your leadership style and skills.

Choose to be optimistic.

Life comes with a certain amount of suck. Be a realist know when they suck, but if you choose to look at the positives first and treat every failure as an opportunity, your morale and the morale of those around you will change.

Keep no secrets

Be transparent, if you can tell the truth, tell it. Don’t make excuses but share the problem. And don’t hide how you manage, lead or cause growth. Good leaders share their knowledge and experience with people, a great leader works to work themselves out of a job by empowering the people around them.

Lead from behind.

Being a great leader sometimes involves letting people figure things out on their own, to problem solve independently and use you as a sounding board, a tip-giver or the voice of reason. A great leader is not the person who always leads the way but reminds people that they are capable of leading the way too.


Earned not given. Don't forget this--it's a two-way street and if you don't respect people and their opinions do not expect them to respect you.

A lot of times, leadership, over commitment and failure go hand-in-hand. No one wants to disappoint people; especially those who are counting on you to keep it together, get it done and speak on their behalf. But getting good at one doesn’t mean getting good at the other. Just because you don’t overcommit doesn’t mean you’re a good leader and vice-versa.

If you intend to be a powerhouse or to keep being a powerhouse, you have to constantly be working on these things independently of one another because growth doesn’t come all at once and it never stops. Always keep improving, and inspiring those around you to keep improving with you.

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I Write For Odyssey Because I Love To Feel Like My Voice Is Heard

It continues to be a passion, although it is not my endgame.

I've always loved to write. Ever since I learned how to. I loved creating sentences and fantasy worlds that even if no one else read, I felt so happy to write. In middle school, my dream job was to be a published writer and my mom always told me I needed something else to fall back on.

I eventually moved on from my dreams of being a published author to becoming a molecular biologist, which in turn changed to becoming a theatre teacher.

But although my endgame has changed, writing is still a passion for me, not just a hobby.

I take pride in most of the essays I write for school because I know I write them well. I love pouring my creativity to paper and most of the time, type on my laptop. Sometimes I get so caught up in my own imagination, I start different stories while taking notes in class. I just recently started a story about woodland fairies.

I write for Odyssey specifically, to force me to write weekly. For a while, as I previously stated, I fell away from reading but I also fell away from writing. I was almost never writing for fun unless they were letters for my fiance, which I only write if we're celebrating something for each other. It forces me to get my creative juices flowing at least one part of the week.

Honestly, I write for Odyssey because I love to feel like my voice is heard, even by one or two people.

Writing what I feel comes naturally to me, and I never want to stifle my passion. I always want to continue to write, even if it only ever accumulates to writing for Odyssey and nothing more. At least, I'm writing.

I encourage you, fellow readers, to try writing. Even if you don't think you're good at it. Try online prompts of the day, or get a prompt book. It keeps your brain busy and you may just end up with a novel that hasn't been done before.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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