9 Signs You Grew Up In a Beach Town

Many of us have been lucky enough to grow up in a beach town. Summer year round, what more could a person ask for? Not only is living by the beach a fun time, it also teaches us life lessons, and gives us memories that we will never forget. Here are some things that only locals who have grown up near the beach know to be true.

1. You are always within 5-10 minutes from the beach.

2. You can't stand the traffic in the summer and yell at every car that has out of state plates.

3. The majority of your friends live at your house in the summer.

4. Sand is everywhere from your car, to your purse, to your house.

5. The state beaches usually are crowded in the summer but you don't worry too much because they don't know about all your favorite local spots!

6. You are used to being asked for directions to every attraction in the town.

7. The smell of bonfire lingers in your hair and clothes pretty much all summer.

8. You and at least 5 of your friends were lifeguards.

9. You realize that you could never ever live in a landlocked state.

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