9 Signs That You Might Be An Old Soul

9 Signs That You Might Be An Old Soul

I think change is great, and advancements are awesome, but sometimes I just like the old fashioned way of doing things.

If you're anything like me, you don't necessarily fit in in today's society. You might just be a little old-fashioned, outdated, or old school... however you would like to put it. You still like the original way of doing things, you may not be fond of new technology, and you might not agree with some of the new trends. There's nothing wrong with us, no matter how much we might get picked on, we just might have been born in the wrong generation. Here are some signs you just might be an old soul.

1. If you like to read, you prefer an old fashioned book over an e-book any day.

My parents bought me a Nook a couple of years ago because my book collection was becoming large enough to require a library, and I just can't bring myself to use it. There really is nothing like an actual book. The smell of the pages, the worn look it gets, the tangible sight of your progress as you reach closer to the end. It's great.

2. Coffee. The old-fashioned way.

I do like Starbucks and Dunkin', but nothing beats a classic cup of Folger's with a little sugar and cream. Something that has such a strong smell it fills your whole kitchen as it brews. Although, I have to admit, I have adapted to a Keurig... it's just easier... and they make Folger's K-Cups.

3. Forgive me, millennials, but I can't stand pop music.

Kesha. Iggy. New Miley. Lil Yachty. I cringe at the sound of these and others. This new age of pop, rap, hip hop, and even the new country.. it all bores me. You can find me listening to Guns N Roses, Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Cash, Diffie, Haggard, and others. About as modern as it gets for me is Sublime and RHCP. I just can't bring myself to listen to most of these new songs with meaningless lyrics and the same beat.

4. Classic movies. Enough Said.

You can probably tell by the picture that my favorite movie genre is horror. Movies is another area that I feel as if they just used to do it better. If you're like me, you can hardly stand to sit through horror movies nowadays. I mean, can we chill with the gore? That's not even scary, it just makes me want to lose my lunch. What happened to the Michael Myers "Halloween" movies that chill you to your core without even a fraction of the gore as today's movies? And that goes for all genres... "Castaway," "Twister," "Forrest Gump," old Adam Sandler comedies... they were just better back in the day.

5. Is your style a little outdated?

I don't know about you, but I just can't force myself to wear some of today's trends. Crop tops and high waisted shorts are one I can't find cute. Guys wearing Chacos... weird. Crocs... oh my. Incredibly oversized T-shirts... no. I still really like jeans without a million holes in them. I admire '70s bell bottoms, '80s leather jackets, and old west serape prints. My eyeliner may be too think, and my hair a little too poofy, but this modern style just doesn't fit me.

6. Views on relationships

Is it just me, or are relationships a little less meaningful nowadays? I mean do y'all still believe in dates, holding hands, the guy opening the door every now and then, being in love? Or is that stuff just out the window? Call me old-fashioned, but I like how it used to be. This whole talking thing, having side chicks, playing games, is just not how it should be in my opinion.

7. Food. Before people freaked out about health.

OK, I understand being healthy, and that's great. But why is everyone so weight-conscious now? I see more people — girls, in particular — eating what I refer to as rabbit food, to reach some unrealistic skinny that is what they are supposedly supposed to look like. What happened to milkshakes, burgers, fries, good southern cookin', fried chicken??? I mean, in moderation, of course, but can we stop obsessing over what everyone looks like or needs to look like and just worry about being happy with ourselves?

8. Social Media

Now, I'm not completely old-fashioned when it comes to this, but I wouldn't say I need it quite as much as many people my age. If you're like me, you probably have the basics; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, to name a few. However, you probably don't understand the spam accounts, people's obsession with likes, or constantly being on your phone checking these apps. I do love Pinterest for DIY ideas, I like sharing my photos from trips with friends, and I like the funny memes and cool pics on Facebook and Tumblr. I also admit to religiously using Twitter because I live in the south and during storm season, I stalk James Spann (THE weather guy down here). But if all these apps were deleted tomorrow, I don't think I would be too incredibly bothered. Let's all put the phones down for a sec and enjoy our surroundings for once.

9. Outdoors > Indoors

I don't necessarily know if this is considered being an old soul, but I remember this was a big deal when I was a little kid and today's kids seem different. I literally never stayed inside as a kid. I was "exploring," riding bikes, playing kickball, and just playing outside. Now, it seems as if it is so much more cool to stay inside and watch Netflix all day or play video games. What is with that? Please tell me I'm not the only one who still enjoys hiking, swimming, going for walks in the woods, etc.

These are just naming a few, but I know there are some more oldies like me out there.

Cover Image Credit: Wayne Stadler / Flickr

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15 Little Ways To Keep Yourself Healthy

Stop overlooking your self-health.

Sometimes, you wake up and decide that you want to change your daily routine. If you're like me, you usually want some big drastic change to occur overnight. Normally, I say, "Hi, Gods above? Me again. I'd like better grades, a lot of money and...."

However, the odds of me waking up to straight A's and hundreds covering me like a blanket are slim to none. That doesn't mean that I can't make little changes here and there to keep myself happy and healthy, and you can too.

Here is a list of little ways to keep yourself happy:

1. Moisturize.

No, I'm not joking, and no, this isn't always common sense to people. Your skin could really become dry (especially in the cold!) quickly without you even realizing! This would make for flaky skin and red patches. Also, if you're a make-up wearer like me, washing your face and then moisturizing makes you feel refreshed.

2. Take care of under your eyes.

Trust me on this one. Rubbing your eyes, taking off mascara, or just little things could be harsh on your under eye area. I used to have horrible reactions under my eyes and they would swell shut. Now, I use Cetaphil to keep them from getting dry. I also LOVE this cooling water stick by Milk Cosmetics.

3. Brush your teeth twice a day.

Let me be more specific on this one, because I know everyone knows to brush their teeth. However, I just recently got this toothpaste powder from Lush and it's amazing. You wet your toothbrush and dip into the powder, and then brush. I wanted to try the product because everyone was saying that it was a good whitener. I'm not too fond of the taste, so after brushing with the powder I go back in with a regular mint toothpaste. After only a few days of that routine, I've already noticed a difference!

4. Keep up with your grades.

Listen, I know we like to pretend that school IS NOT a thing, but it is. A lot of the times if you fall behind or forget what you're doing, you don't check on your scores. It's so important to pay close attention to the grades entered online versus the paper you get back. You never know if the grades don't match or if you feel like you deserve a different grade, it'll give you opportunity to discuss with the professor!

5. DO NOT sleep with makeup on.

Yes, parties that go until 3 AM make it hard to remember to remove your makeup. Sometimes we are caught up in stress, fatigue, or plans and overlook the makeup wipes right next to our mirrors. Sleeping with makeup on can clog your pores and increase wrinkling. Plus, who likes waking up looking like a raccoon?

6. Clean your makeup brushes.

If you're like me with makeup, then you're no MUA. A lot of the time, we overlook cleaning off our brushes when we're in a rush. However, it's so important. Your face is very sensitive, and anything as slight as old makeup being on your brush can give you a reaction. There are so many brush cleaners out there that are easy to use. I personally use brush wipes, and they work great! My brushes get clean, stay oil-free, and dry quickly.

7. Go outside.

Take a walk, ride a bike, go to a beautiful park. All of these things and more will keep your body moving, while also improving your mental health as well. You will be at ease and feeling great!

8. Write down your dreams.

This one may not be for everyone, but I do this all the time. Whether it's a bad dream, awesome dream, or one I've had before, I love writing down my dreams. Sometimes, I dream of a memory I've had, or something out of my dream comes true. It's so cool when you recognize somewhere, and remember that you've dreamt about it before! The mind is truly a beautiful thing.

9. Eat three meals a day.

Almost all of the time, all of us will miss at least one meal. Whether we do it purposely or not, this is not healthy! About a month and a half ago, I went on a cruise. My family and I ate three meals a day at around the same time each day. I felt wonderful and always just the right amount of full. After leaving the cruise and going back to rushing around and skipping meals, my body was a complete mess. I would be starving at 12 AM and then miss breakfast. Eating three meals a day even if it's something small will make you feel awesome.

10. Drink water.

Don't worry, I used to fight everyone on this too. "Water has no taste, I don't want to drink that!!!" I would always have dry and chapped lips, and I felt tired. Until I had visible signs of dehydration, I wouldn't drink more than half a bottle of water every few days. Now, I drink up to three (I know you're supposed to have four or more. I'm getting there) bottles a day, and it's really helped me. I feel more energized and can put on lipstick without looking like someone diced up my bottom lip. Water is SO important, don't forget that!

11. Scrub your lips.

This one might sound girly, but let's be honest here, my boyfriend loves when I use sugar scrub on his lips. (Sorry, babe) I personally use Jeffree Star Cosmetics lip scrub in 'Watermelon Gum'. It's an awesome flavor, and it really makes my lips feel amazing. Like I said, even my boyfriend likes (mostly eating) it! It's sugar scrub, so you can lick it off with no harm done to yourself. I've also used Lush's 'Mint Julep' scrub. They both work amazing!

12. Stress less.

Stressing might as well be a large part of everyone's diet since we all do it so much. Try to stress less by facing problems differently, working things out, or doing things you love to take your mind off of the issue. Draw, write, or sing. Do whatever makes your heart happy!

13. Vacation when you can.

Everyone needs a little getaway. Whenever you get the money, the ticket, or the opportunity, take it . Not only does vacationing get you away for a while, but you will get to see beautiful things and also have amazing memories to carry on for a lifetime.

14. Take vitamins!

Not much explanation needed for this one. A daily multivitamin and Vitamin C tablet never hurt anyone. While everyone else is in bed with the flu, you'll be bouncing around happily.

15. Just breathe.

Take a second to relax, clear your mind, and breathe deeply.

Wow, I'm so inspired by this list I want to make a part two! No, but seriously, please stop and try at least two of these things today. I promise you it'll help. Always keep smiling! :)

Cover Image Credit: Newscult

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Look Forward To The Next Day In Your Life, There Are Beautiful Things Ahead

Because every day is a blessing.

Looking back on growing up, and looking forward to family vacations or spending a day with a close friend that you haven't seen for a while was always something I looked forward to when I was younger. For many of my friends, sometimes "family vacations" weren't a thing, and looking forward to anything meant a disaster... in their terms.

So, as fortunate as I was to grow up with amazing, successful parents, I didn't just see the bigger picture at a young age, I saw the beauty and felt the adrenaline rush on how a small simple plan or hangout can make yourself automatically driven, feel and want to get through the week.

Which clicked in my mind... that we humans live for purpose. Whatever that purpose may be, we search for it, we guess it, we do a test and trial period for what makes us tick and what makes us expand our happiness throughout our life and as we get older, we tend to look back on good or bad memories and reflect sometimes on a certain memory that can make you feel a rush of different emotions.

The beautiful thing is to always remember, even when you're having an awful day or awful week, is that you have the power to think and feel different within a split second.

The beauty of life is everywhere, and we are just figures in this huge board game of life. Motivating yourself, and having the mental strength to go on about your day. Every day is a full-blown accomplishment.

Not many people have the self-discipline to really push themselves out there in this world, in this life.

With so much distraction, insecurities, opinions, and such a diverse range of humans, we all tend to compare and tend to wonder why and what is my purpose in this world?

We are "matter," we are a range of atoms, and we are a living species that gets so much crap for being on social media, on our phone, tablets, answering a call, checking an e-mail. Everything is run on technology, so our minds are constantly consumed. Consumed not just by technology, but our own thoughts, our opinions of ourselves that eat us alive at night and our accomplishments that help us rest easy, every day.

You are made to be here.

We are only human. Looking forward to small things you have planned for your night or even huge plans. They always keep us guessing and mark our next chess move for life. Motivation has become the key element for a successful future, and a complete game changer for the people who follow a simple routine and are not feeling as much love as they should.

I started to set goals, and whip out a planner to organize my week-to-week schedule. I write everything I will accomplish at an exact time and place and the best part to checking off as your day goes by is that you see the end result (leaning towards the end of a day), which could be a hot bath with your favorite bath bomb, Netflix movie marathon for an hour, or reading a favorite book you read when you were little. We don't need one another or co-dependency to feel loved every day.

We don't need someone who will reply at our fingertips via text, and we certainly don't need a special "vice" to make us feel accomplished and successful as we are just learning how the world works. Through our own eyes and own fingertips. So look beyond, and push to keep moving forward, because you're the only one in charge of what kind of ending you pick for your story at the end of your life to tell others. There is beauty everywhere, just take a look and love the sky, love your own piece of the world you are in now.

Everything changes, and we will too, but our hearts will forever stay the same, and feel the same.

Cover Image Credit: Photo by Krista McPhee on Unsplash

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