9 Signs That You Might Be An Old Soul

9 Signs That You Might Be An Old Soul

I think change is great, and advancements are awesome, but sometimes I just like the old fashioned way of doing things.

If you're anything like me, you don't necessarily fit in in today's society. You might just be a little old-fashioned, outdated, or old school... however you would like to put it. You still like the original way of doing things, you may not be fond of new technology, and you might not agree with some of the new trends. There's nothing wrong with us, no matter how much we might get picked on, we just might have been born in the wrong generation. Here are some signs you just might be an old soul.

1. If you like to read, you prefer an old fashioned book over an e-book any day.

My parents bought me a Nook a couple of years ago because my book collection was becoming large enough to require a library, and I just can't bring myself to use it. There really is nothing like an actual book. The smell of the pages, the worn look it gets, the tangible sight of your progress as you reach closer to the end. It's great.

2. Coffee. The old-fashioned way.

I do like Starbucks and Dunkin', but nothing beats a classic cup of Folger's with a little sugar and cream. Something that has such a strong smell it fills your whole kitchen as it brews. Although, I have to admit, I have adapted to a Keurig... it's just easier... and they make Folger's K-Cups.

3. Forgive me, millennials, but I can't stand pop music.

Kesha. Iggy. New Miley. Lil Yachty. I cringe at the sound of these and others. This new age of pop, rap, hip hop, and even the new country.. it all bores me. You can find me listening to Guns N Roses, Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Jimi Hendrix, Cash, Diffie, Haggard, and others. About as modern as it gets for me is Sublime and RHCP. I just can't bring myself to listen to most of these new songs with meaningless lyrics and the same beat.

4. Classic movies. Enough Said.

You can probably tell by the picture that my favorite movie genre is horror. Movies is another area that I feel as if they just used to do it better. If you're like me, you can hardly stand to sit through horror movies nowadays. I mean, can we chill with the gore? That's not even scary, it just makes me want to lose my lunch. What happened to the Michael Myers "Halloween" movies that chill you to your core without even a fraction of the gore as today's movies? And that goes for all genres... "Castaway," "Twister," "Forrest Gump," old Adam Sandler comedies... they were just better back in the day.

5. Is your style a little outdated?

I don't know about you, but I just can't force myself to wear some of today's trends. Crop tops and high waisted shorts are one I can't find cute. Guys wearing Chacos... weird. Crocs... oh my. Incredibly oversized T-shirts... no. I still really like jeans without a million holes in them. I admire '70s bell bottoms, '80s leather jackets, and old west serape prints. My eyeliner may be too think, and my hair a little too poofy, but this modern style just doesn't fit me.

6. Views on relationships

Is it just me, or are relationships a little less meaningful nowadays? I mean do y'all still believe in dates, holding hands, the guy opening the door every now and then, being in love? Or is that stuff just out the window? Call me old-fashioned, but I like how it used to be. This whole talking thing, having side chicks, playing games, is just not how it should be in my opinion.

7. Food. Before people freaked out about health.

OK, I understand being healthy, and that's great. But why is everyone so weight-conscious now? I see more people — girls, in particular — eating what I refer to as rabbit food, to reach some unrealistic skinny that is what they are supposedly supposed to look like. What happened to milkshakes, burgers, fries, good southern cookin', fried chicken??? I mean, in moderation, of course, but can we stop obsessing over what everyone looks like or needs to look like and just worry about being happy with ourselves?

8. Social Media

Now, I'm not completely old-fashioned when it comes to this, but I wouldn't say I need it quite as much as many people my age. If you're like me, you probably have the basics; Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, to name a few. However, you probably don't understand the spam accounts, people's obsession with likes, or constantly being on your phone checking these apps. I do love Pinterest for DIY ideas, I like sharing my photos from trips with friends, and I like the funny memes and cool pics on Facebook and Tumblr. I also admit to religiously using Twitter because I live in the south and during storm season, I stalk James Spann (THE weather guy down here). But if all these apps were deleted tomorrow, I don't think I would be too incredibly bothered. Let's all put the phones down for a sec and enjoy our surroundings for once.

9. Outdoors > Indoors

I don't necessarily know if this is considered being an old soul, but I remember this was a big deal when I was a little kid and today's kids seem different. I literally never stayed inside as a kid. I was "exploring," riding bikes, playing kickball, and just playing outside. Now, it seems as if it is so much more cool to stay inside and watch Netflix all day or play video games. What is with that? Please tell me I'm not the only one who still enjoys hiking, swimming, going for walks in the woods, etc.

These are just naming a few, but I know there are some more oldies like me out there.

Cover Image Credit: Wayne Stadler / Flickr

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If You are A Runner, You Will Understand These 10 Things

No one understands a "crazy" like a fellow "crazy" runner.

I am a cross country and track distance runner and the things we experience no one but runners will understand. Being a runner is more than a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. There is an unsaid community that distance runners are apart of, it's kind of its own culture. So this article is dedicated to all you "crazy" distance runners. If you are a runner, you will relate to these 10 things.

1. We are adrenaline junkies.

We crave that post-race high. That feeling when you get a PR (personal record for nonrunners) and no one can bring you down. After you cross that finish line, you walk away feeling unstoppable. This kind of high is something so pure and indescribable you feel on top of the world. No one or nothing can replace this.

2. We push our bodies to the breaking point.

We push and push our bodies then coach yells "Dig deep!" You find this strength in your bones and your soul you never knew you had. At times, it feels as if your ripping your body apart.

3. Ohhh, the carbs.

This really is a positive to running....carb loading. We love our pasta parties with plates full of pasta and way too much bread.

4. We have a crazy amount of water bottles.

We get so many water bottles for gifts because no one knows what to get runners. However, we are the cheapest dates.

5. We have a high pain tolerance.

During a race, if something bends in your ankle or crackles in your knee, you do not stop. At all costs, you finish the race, I mean, unless there's a bone sticking out, but the coach would say walk it off. After running 3.1 miles up crazy hills and a rough terrain, our bodies have been sacrificed to the running gods. You ask yourself "how badly does this hurt?"

6. The sweat.

After long runs in the blistering heat, it looks like you just took a shower. Some people think it is gross but low-key, we judge who worked hardest by the sweat on their back.

7. If you're on a team you have truly seen each other at your worst.

After a race or a hard workout when you have "drained the tank," as a team you walk to your waters together breathing heavy. You scream on the sidelines at each other when you see him/her getting weak. You stand right next to your best friend as you puke your guts out.

8. The bus rides.

There is no way to describe the nerves on the way to a race or the laughs and memories made. There is no way to describe the silence after a long day of running. Point is, you're together and those moments you will never forget. This is something that you carry with you forever.

9. Sitting down after a long run.

Oh, the feeling of gaining feeling in your legs once you finally sit after 8 miles. Now, the getting up part is a different story.

10. We are damn proud to be runners.

I am a runner, it is my passion and my love. You get out of this sport what you put in. We have put our blood, sweat, and tears into this sport. We pride our selves in saying we have done the unimaginable and the unthinkable. However, at times we can be humble so we won't boost. On a daily basis, we do something someone else did not have the guts today. We are runners and there is nothing else we would rather be.

Cover Image Credit: Jenn Werges

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Games You Should Never Play Part 2

There are many reasons why someone would find themselves up at odd hours of the night communing with spirits.

What attracts us to the paranormal? Is it the thrill of coming face to face with something you can't explain? Is it because you want to face your fears and survive? Is it because you don't think anything paranormal is real and want to test your beliefs? There are many reasons why someone would find themselves up at odd hours of the night communing with spirits. It's quite interesting to see how over the centuries these legends or 'games' have continued to capture our human interest.

  1. The 11 Miles Ritual Are you in need of something? Do you want to drive on a dark desolate road? Do you want to possibly encounter various monsters? Then this is the right game for you. This ritual is to be performed alone in your vehicle. You are to think of the thing you desire as you drive. This is the most important part, you have to drive around until you find a road that goes for 11 miles. You should get a feeling an know when it's the right road. You're supposed to have the radio and heat off before you start as well. Then all you have to do is drive through the 11 mile stretch of road. The catch is you have to go no more than 30, so it takes more time to get to your destination. If you make it you win. The thing you desire is supposed to come to you as long as the ritual is done correctly. This sounds pretty easy, but many accounts of playing the games have lead to random vehicle malfunctions, the air turning ice cold, mysterious beings coming toward the roadway, and even total car failure.
  2. The Closet Game This is a game that I especially don't suggest doing because the whole premise of the game is to summon a demon. All you'll need for the game is a bedroom with a closet, a book of matches, and the cover of nightfall. You may also do this ritual with a partner if you choose. Make sure you have all the lights in the room turned off and cover the windows if there are any so no light can enter the room. Enter the closet and stand toward the door with the matches in hand. To start, hold one of the matches and say 'show me the light, or leave me in darkness.' Listen for a moment and if you begin to hear whispering light the match, the match may also light on its own. Be sure to light the match quickly, and not to turn around or you may be trapped by the demon. Keep the match lit and slowly exit the closet. Do not look inside! Shut the door while the match is still lit to end the game.
  3. The Hosting Game If you like a good party you're sure to love this game, if you love to party with spirits that is. This game is exactly what it sounds like, you'll be hosting a party for ghosts. Before your party can being, you'll need to write out the invitations. You need a piece of paper and a pen then write 'You are invited to a gathering hosted by 'your name.' It takes place at 'your current time.' Bring your friends.' Then place the paper in the middle of the floor in the hosting room. (You'll also want to make sure you have all lights in the house turned off except the ones in the hosting room as well as having a clock and three matches.) When you exit the hosting room go around your house to all the rooms saying 'I'll be ready soon.' Once this is complete return to the hosting room and stand in the doorway saying 'I'm ready you may come in.' Then switch off the light and shut the door. Stand with your back to the hosting room and grab your three matches. Strike your match and if it lights say 'I am glad to see you thank you for coming' if it doesn't try once more if it lights the second time its an evil spirit, but still say the same thing. If it doesn't light after the second strike proceed to the next match and do the same process until you're finished. This is where the game really starts. The whole premise is to walk around the rest of your house aside from the hosting room and not look back. Once an hour is up, or if you feel a terrible presence, return to the hosting room and say 'Thank you for coming. Goodbye.' Walk to the nearest light source and turn it on. At this point, the ritual is over and your guests will be gone.
  4. The Hooded Man Ritual If you don't like to ride in cabs, or piss your pants out of fear, then I would highly suggest you don't try this game. This game requires you to dial a set of numbers into a rotary phone that will allegedly connect you to 'the other side'. You need to close all the doors, windows, and curtains in the room. You also need to tie a black string around the phone before you pick it up to talk. After you've dialed the number; count to 13, then say “Hello. I need a cab.” and hang up the phone. You should then go the window and look out, if the ritual was done correctly you'll see a black cab sitting outside. If there is no cab simply burn the black string and bury the ashes with salt. If the cab did appear, take a watch with you and go outside to it. This is where the ritual gets weird. You get into the back of the cab and you're alone. Lay down and shut your eyes (try to fall asleep.) When you awaken look at your watch, if not much time has passed you should go back to your house and finish the ritual. The time could also say 3:30 however. If you see 3:30 you'll fall back asleep for a moment. When you wake up the second time you'll find yourself on a highway with the hooded man driving. Don't speak to him or you'll wake up in your bed. Don't speak to any stranger who may enter the cab either because they could kill you. When your ride begins to get too intense you should whisper in the hooded man's ear “I have reached my destination” at which point you'll wake up in your bed and the ritual is over. A lot of people who have managed to reach this alternate universe describe the world outside the cab warping into a nightmare right in front of their eyes. It's said that you'll die if you don't tell the hooded man you've reached your destination, which would make sense since no one has ever found out where the cab stops.
  5. Sara Sarita This game originated in Mexico years ago. It's similar to a lot of paranormal games that ask questions to spirits, the only difference is that in this game you are supposed to be talking to spirits of two murdered girls named Sara and Sarita. To play the game you simply need two players and two coins of the same value. You sit in a room across from each other and say “Sara Sarita can I enter your game?.” You throw the coins over your heads and then check to see what it lands on. If you get two heads it's a yes, two tails it's a no, and one of each is a maybe. Continue to do this until you get a yes response. Now you're able to ask the girls any questions you may like, continuing to flip the coin over your heads for the answers. Once you're satisfied with your answers you can ask “Sara Sarita can I leave your game.?” Follow the same process at the beginning to finish the game. It's said that it can be quite difficult to get the game to end though.
  6. The Red Book Game 'El Juego Del Libro Rojo' This is one of the few games that can be played with multiple people. All you will need is a book with a red cover and a red candle. It must be a hardcover book! To play the game everyone must sit in a circle, the first player puts their hand on the book and says 'red book, may I enter your game?' Then open the book to a random page and point to a sentence. It can be hard to interpret, and if it makes no sense at all close the book and hand it off to the next player. If it's a positive response you've gotten a yes, a negative is no. The rest of the game like the other fortune telling games. Go around the circle asking questions until you're done, or if you feel a hostile presence. To end the game simply repeat what you initially did but say 'red book, may I leave your game?' until you get a positive response. None of the players may leave the circle until they've all been allowed to leave the game.

Warning: I do not suggest attempting to play these games in any form. I simply think its an interesting topic. These games are dangerous and can cause both mental and physical damage if attempted.

Cover Image Credit: TheOddityWorld

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