If you look around the next time you're sitting in a restaurant, you'll find something very interesting: people sitting on their phones instead of talking. Adults are often texting, teens are taking selfies and adolescents are playing games.

It's almost an epidemic.

But why should people be putting down their smartphone?

Why should you put down your smartphone?

1. You Sleep Worse With a Smartphone by Your Side

Smartphones are designed to keep you engaged. When you sleep near a smartphone or keep it next to you before bed, you'll find that the lights have a way of keeping you up. Studies show that 90% of people 18 – 29 have their smartphone within arm's reach at night.

But that's less important than another study.

One study found that smartphones, and a few other devices, actually suppress the body's melatonin. What this does is:

  • Keeps you from entering REM sleep
  • Leaves you tired in the morning

You simply won't sleep as well, leading to fatigue, tiredness and not feeling your best.

2. Conversation Quality Suffers

You're in the middle of telling something to someone who is very important to you, and all of a sudden, they pick up their phone and say, "Sorry, what did you say?" This is a reality for a lot of people in today's world.

Conversation quality is on the decline.

Virginia Tech University conducted a study on conversation quality, and the university concluded that by having a smartphone present, conversation quality declined.

It makes sense since everyone is too busy looking down at their phone to even look a person in the eye. In-person conversations suffer when smartphones are present because smartphones have become the social aspect of a person's life.

It's not a good thing.

3. Distracted Driving

The National Safety Council finds that 25% of accidents are likely caused by smartphone usage. This statistic may be even higher. Imagine this situation: You're in traffic, you're moving rather slow and you look down at a text message your boss just sent you.


You didn't have time to react to the car in front of you slamming on their brakes, so you hit the driver from behind.

This happens every day.

And in some cases, the situation isn't so mild. People die because of distracted driving. If people would put down their smartphones and pay attention to the road, families wouldn't have to identify their loved ones at a morgue.

"There are over 3,700 Instagram posts under the #drivingselfie hashtag, more than 1,850 under #drivingselfies, and almost 10,000 under #drivingtowork. Some users add the optimistic tag saying #Ihopeidontcrash," stateshttps://cogburnlaw.com/.

Imagine how many people don’t use hashtags that drive and take selfies or video.

Put down your phone and pay attention to the road if you don't want to become another distracted driver statistic.

Why else should you put down your smartphone?

  • "Text neck" causes disc herniation, pinched nerves and muscle strain.
  • Carpal tunnel is a real threat.
  • Smartphones are bacteria cesspools.
  • You'll get out and actually do things.
  • You'll learn how to be "alone."
  • Calmness will find you.

So, why don't you put down that smartphone and start living a distraction-free life for a bit?