To My Long Distance Best Friend,

More often than not, I don’t get to properly thank you for all you do for me from so far away. Our friendship is like no other. We don’t have the luxury of seeing each other every day in class and I cant just go to your house and crawl into your bed when I’m sad. We have to out time and effort into our friendship to keep it as strong as it is. You make it easy by being such a good friend to me. You go above and beyond to keep our friendship so strong. For these things, I thank you.

1. FaceTime Dates

Thank you for answering my FaceTime calls at any time of the day or night. Even when they’re unexpected and you’re in the library, you always answer and listen to whatever I have to say. You’re never embarrassed to walk around the mall and shop while I vent about what happened the night before. This is as close as it gets to hanging out sometimes and you never pass up the opportunity.

2. Not Hating Me When I Cancel

Thank you for understanding when I forget to FaceTime you when I said I would, or when I can’t answer right away. You know we both have busy lives and it’s never meant to be taken personally.

3. Surprise Visits

Thank you for the times you have surprised me and visited. You always seem to know when I need you physically here the most. All of the time, effort and money you’ve put into this has never been taken for granted. The time we have together is fleeting and I’ve appreciated every moment.

4. Getting Half of the Story

Thank you for the times when I’ve only told you bits and pieces of a story, and you’ve had to put it together yourself or pretend you understand what I’m talking about. Sometimes a vent sesh is urgent and I can’t backtrack the last few weeks for the full story. Thanks for not getting mad when you don’t get all the details.

5. Offering Real Advice From Far Away

Thank you for always giving me good, genuine advice even though we are miles and miles apart. Often times, people that are physically far away from a situation don’t give decent advice because of their distance from it. You, however, always know exactly what to say. You really listen to me and give it to me straight up, even if it’s something I don’t necessarily want to hear. You don’t care if my problems have nothing to do with you. You give me advice as if we’re in it together.

6. Keeping Our Snap Streak Going

Thank you for the random Snapchat pictures/videos you send me all day long. Whether we’re sending outfit options or videos with the most ugly filters we can find, you stay at the top of my Snapchat list.

7. Keeping Our Traditions Alive

Whether it’s sending cute cards in the mail every month or tagging each other in funny pictures only we would understand, thank you for not letting distance ruin our traditions.

8. Always Introducing Me As “My Best Friend From Home”

Thank you for making me feel special when introducing or referring to me as your best friend from home. Although our two lives can be so different, the distinction makes it seem as if you value me just as much as the friends who live near you. And, it lets your other friends know how much I mean to you.

9. Never Letting Time/Distance Change Anything

Thank you for always making it so easy to pick up where we left off. Even though we try to stay in touch as much as possible, you understand that we both have lives to live. Even if we don’t talk for a week or see each other for months, when we do, it is as if no time has passed at all. Thank you for making the difficult distance so much easier.