Joe Biden's been in politics twice as long as I've been alive. Being around for so long, he's come to hold a special place in all of hearts. It's no question we'll all miss America's favorite uncle, but here are my top nine reasons why.

1. He loves ice-cream!

Joe Biden loves ice cream more than anyone else in probably the entire world. Like me, he’s definitely has ice-cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the same day – more than once a month. He's basically got he appetite of a seven-year old kid who's parents haven't let him have sugar in over a week.

2. He's America's Uncle

He’s basically the patriotic weird Uncle that gets too hyped after tail-gating and tries to lift a car, or something else crazy that makes the rest of the family break out in concerned laughter. But we totally love him for it, even though he’s definitely too excited right now.

3. He's the most-likeable old white guy out there

This is the only man who can call someone out on their malarkey and then get a standing ovation following it. What even is malarkey? Why is he yelling? Why am I so amped up by this? How can he be so cool while simultaneously being so old?

4. He lights up a room!

He’s often the only guy in the room everyone can agree with. He even was able to make the human form of Oscar the Grouch, John Boehner, hug him and then smile. Which is basically a super-power.

5. His wife is also pretty cool

He’s married to Dr. Jill Biden, who’s the definitely the mom who would hug you all and buy the team ice-cream after a bad loss – after she’s done grading college English papers the rest of us probably can’t even begin to comprehend. She's a powerful, intelligent woman who Joe Biden absolutely adores. Her and the First Lady are also genuinely good friends, which is pretty cool.

6. He makes an effort to connect to the young folks

Joe Biden’s first Instagram was a picture of his aviator sunglasses with a caption about training middle-class workers for jobs, because what’s more Joe Biden than that? Not to mention his first selfie posted on Instagram was with the peanut butter to his jelly, President Barack Obama.

7. He's had Obama's back the past eight years

Joe Biden is possibly the best hype-man to exist. The Samwell Tarly to Obama’s Jon Snow. The Josh to his Drake. He basically looks at Obama the same way baby ducks look at their mom’s after they imprint on them. He once even called the passage of Obama’s landmark healthcare legislation a “big f*cking deal” on live television, the sign of a true friend.

8. He's gone through a lot - and come out stronger in the end

Joe Biden’s had a bit of a tragic backstory – his first wife and infant daughter died in a car crash which also left two of sons badly injured. Joe Biden somehow was able to overcome the tragedy in his life, and keep on becoming not only a good public servant, but a good dad to his kids. In addition to this, he's rarely allowed the high-tension and hyper-critical life that comes along with a poltican phase him. No matter who you are, you can't help but admire his strength.

9. No one really has anything bad to say about him

Literally one of the only bad things every said about him came from John Kasich, who said he lied about being good at golf. Which is basically the same as me lying about eating ice-cream for breakfast. It's super minor, and is totally something everyone does anyway.