9 Perks Of Being Sick At Home Vs. At College

9 Perks Of Being Sick At Home Vs. At College

It can suck, but there are pros.

With all of the stress of my first semester now over, I have now hit the side affect of the exact stress of finals. That is being sick.

I have been sick for about a week now, and I am just thankful that I am able to be home now rather than be stuck in a dorm. I already learned three things out of this. The first thing is that the reason my ears feel clogged is probably my Eustachian tube swollen as a side effect of this hellish cold (I did learn something in my intro to communications disorders class). The second thing is that this isn’t the first time my only option was to be stuck inside for the first part of any holiday break. Spring break my junior year of high school I stayed inside pretty much the first half of it because I had wisdom teeth surgery at the start of break. The third thing and what this article is about is how being sick at home is much better than being sick at college.

1. You have all these resources around you.

2. If you don’t have a kitchen in your dorm (which most don’t), you can just make soup from your home stove.

3. If you need to puke, you don’t have to go to a community hall bathroom.

4. Pets can be your cuddle buddy.

5. You aren’t in a stuffy room risking getting your roommate sick also.

6. Your sibling is probably on break also. Which means they can help you (unless they request a pay).

7. You don’t have to worry about school! You’re on break!

8. Trust that your parents aren’t making you go out to do things.

9. If it’s winter break and you have the house to yourself, WRAP THOSE PRESENTS! SEARCH FOR THOSE UNWRAPPED GIFTS! WATCH CHRISTMAS MOVIES!

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The Top Boobs Trends for 2018

Do you want what women are going to do with their boobs this year? Here are the top trends for 2018!

 Have you heard about the top boobs trends for 2018 yet? Some of you may be surprised to learn women, especially caregivers, are putting themselves first this year. Yes, they are paying more attention to their bodies, more so, their boobs.  

In recent years, the trends were lips and booty and big breasts have always been appealing to most women, however, this year, there seems to be more emphasis on the boobies than before.  This news comes from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery [ASAPS].

While women are the majority caregivers, they need to find a balance and take care of their needs.  Women can't keep putting off what's important to them to make others happy.  In fact, plenty of women are now looking at alternative methods with regard to their health, including sexual health.  

There are so many issues in connection with the female body that women are choosing to undergo treatments to complement traditional means of having surgery.  What more women are coming to realize is the mind and the body works together. Having the body they dream of gives a woman more confidence and gives her self-esteem a lift along with her boobs.  

Black women are in the gym more, and overall, women are speaking out about breasts.  Some women want large breast, meaning they want to wear a C or D cup.  Other women want the breast they used to have before the babies, round and plump, no matter the size.  

Then you have the women are happy with small breasts.  With that said, women are prone to change their minds and for that are simple methods or alternatives to the knife that pacifies the craving.

The Laser Bra Lift  

In 2018, the experts say smaller breasts are trending.  Nonetheless, they don't want to have surgery or a breast reduction to get them.  Instead, they are seeking a cut-free solution.  The    

ASAPS recognizes the Laser Bra Lift.  

The Bra Lift gives the breasts a firm and perky attitude by acting as an “internal bra.”  It doesn't have any silicone or any substances inside the breast area to make them look a certain way.  

The Bra Lift takes only a couples of hours to complete.  The lasers affect the breast by improving the elasticity and eloquence.  Because of how the laser treatments are performed, the breasts are left intact.  What this means is the doctor doesn't have to remove excess skin.

It doesn't matter if a person was born to have small or large breasts, time changes everything.  The once perky twins are probably not so eager at age 50 or 60.  This can be devastating to the woman who had perfect boobs.  Not everyone wants to have implants, but they want better looking boobs that look natural.     

Set Your Boobs Up for Success

Push-up bras gives instant lift to any size boob. The bras are made to be comfortable and you strap them on just like any other bra. Of course, when you take the bra off, they go back to their original state, but they made the outfit look gorgeous on you.  You didn't have to experience pain from the surgery or from the price of the bra.  Push-up bras add at least one cup size in no time without having to worry about expense or infection.  

Fitness and Boobs Trend  

As women age, their body ages as well and the boobs battle begins.  This means the boobs are likely sagging along with the cheeks, jawline and even the butt.  Recently, gyms are noticing an increase of women 50 and older enrolling in exercise classes and obtaining a personal trainer.  The reasons for a personal trainer is to get the most out of the exercise program.  No one wants to spend time and effort on workouts that don't work.  

They want a balanced routine that gives them the maximum benefits and results.  The breasts require targeted exercises, but the whole body should receive attention as well. More attention should be paid to the back in connection with the boobs and abs.  Weight training may give a woman the total body workout she needs to improve her overall look.  

If you want more information and pictures of great looking boobs, try boobsbattle.com.  

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Grocery Shopping Tips For Healthier Eating

Eating healthy starts in the grocery store.

A lot of people are trying to be healthier in the New Year and a lot of people are just about ready to give up, but that doesn't have to be! Being healthy is not just about going to the gym - a lot of living healthy starts in the kitchen... or, technically, the grocery store! Here are a few tips for healthy grocery shopping:

1. Shop Around the Perimeter FIRST

All of the fresh foods are located along the perimeter of the foods, and these are the healthiest ones - produce, meats, and dairy. Start by shopping in these sections, filling up your cart with REAL food.

2. Read Nutrition Labels

Don't judge a food by its box - judge it by the nutrition label! Look for foods that are low in added sugars and sodium. And check the ingredients lists! A lot of products claim to be whole grain... just check to make sure that whole grains are one of the first things listed! ALSO, check nutrients - the reason we eat is to obtain the nutrients we need!

3. Avoid Diet Foods

A lot of diet foods claim to be healthy, but don't be fooled! Low fat and fat free products of full of artificial ingredients. Stick to the real, whole foods.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia

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