9 Positive News Stories To Make You Smile Today And Have Hope In Humanity

9 Positive News Stories To Make You Smile Today And Have Hope In Humanity

A reminder to look for the good in each day, because there is always something to give you hope.


The world, and how the news reports on the world, can often feel incredibly gloomy and negative. Bad things do happen, but sometimes it can feel like we are so bogged down by the negative. We forget to see the good, amazing, miraculous things that occur every single day. So if you are feeling down on the world, go and look for the positive. Let yourself be inspired again and see that God is indeed a good God who is doing good things. There is a reason to feel optimistic in this world, you just need to to give it a chance.

1. Man Adopts Old Dogs From Shelters That No One Else Wants


After Steve Greig lost his beloved dog, he decided to go to the shelter and see if there were any dogs that no one was adopting. From this, he now has ten dogs that he has adopted. Also, he has rescued a pig, a rabbit and a chicken. It is beautiful to see someone dedicate their life to giving animals a home and creating this sweet family.

2. Weezer Fans Hold Up Woman In Wheelchair During Concert

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At this years North Dakota State Fair, concert attendees help a disabled woman be able to fully experience and enjoy a Weezer concert. Lex Smith went up to the woman, Ashlyn Kelley, and offered to lift her up so she could see the show. She accepted gratefully, and a group of the attendees lifted her up throughout the concert. Ashlyn had the time of her life, all thanks to a few strangers who showed what true kindness looks like.

3. Zero Elephants Killed By Poachers In Over A Year At One Of Africa's Largest Wildlife Preserves

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Due to an increased police force, the Niassea preserve has lost no elephants to poachers in the last year. This shows that elephants can be protected in all areas, which is a great step in ending the poaching of these great animals. They get to keep living and flourishing like they deserve, and that is a gift to celebrate!

4. Couple Plant 27 Million Trees in 20 Years To Restore A Destroyed Forest

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This is an incredible story you have to read. When Sebastião Ribeiro Salgado returned home to Brazil after working as a journalist in Rwanda, he found the lush green land he had once known turned to dust. His wife Lélia decided that they should replant the entire forest, and so they did through founding an organization called Instituto Terra. 1,502 acres of land have been restored since they started in 1998, not to mention the wildlife that has returned to the area. This is a beautiful display of how people banding together can bring something back to life.

5. Frugal Carpenter Gives Full College Scholarships To 33 Strangers

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Dale Schroeder proved in this tale what selflessness is. He lived a quiet life as a carpenter in Iowa for 100 long years. At his retirement, he decided he wanted to do something with the money he had put away year after year. Which turned out to be a grand sum of three million dollars! Dale wasn't able to go to college due to financial struggles growing up, and so he chose to give back by helping kids like him to do what he couldn't. He has payed for 33 people to go to college, showing that anyone can make a difference.

6. 633 Divers Set World Record Cleaning Ocean Floor Off Deerfield Beach

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The environment is in dire need of help and it is inspiring to see people step up to improve our earth. It gives hope that more towns will decide to do clean-up events at their oceans or other areas that are polluted. The fact that it was done in only two hours, while the previous record was 24 hours, shows what can be done when people work together and care about helping the environment. We can all do this!

7. Ford Restores Mustang For Dad Who Sold Car To Pay For Wife's Medical Bills


Welsey Ryan selflessly sold his car to help pay for his wife's medical bills. After fifteen years, his kids decided to find his beloved mustang and buy it back. When Ford heard about this, they wanted to help restore it to its former glory. Seeing the reaction of Wesley and his family is beautiful. It shows that being a good person can require sacrifice, but it is always rewarded in full.

8. California's Only Known Wild Gray Wolf Pack Spotted With Three New Pups


Renewal is always possible. Life can start again as long as hope exists. This story reminds us to keep fighting for our environment and wildlife to be not only restored but to flourish even more. Watch the video of this sweet wild gray wolf pack with three new members.

9. Local Church Pays Off Medical Debt For Nearly 2,000 Families

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Paying off a debt of nearly 2 million dollars is no easy feat. However, God can do the impossible and He most certainly does! Medical debt is such a heavy weight for so many people, but that is not the end of this story. 2,000 families were freed from this due to the love and support of people they don't even know. This shows us to always be hopeful that a miracle can happen!

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