9 Easy Ways To Smell Better

9 Easy Ways To Smell Better

Not just your body, lots of places!

1. Put deodorant on...AT NIGHT

So, if you’re American, then odds are that you wear deodorant (at least we all hope). However, do you notice that sometimes that doesn’t help? Or that you still..smelly smelly? WELL, putting it on at night allows the deodorant to tackle the issue while you’re asleep, slap another coat on before you go out (even after showering) and you should be better off.


You can place a $1 air freshener in your room, bathroom, living room, wherever else, and you’ll have cheap way to increase the general ambience of your living quarters. Because perhaps your house/room doesn’t smell that bad...but an air freshener/incense can only help.


Investing in some cologne or perfume will give you that extra boost of deliciousness for a day of smelling GOOD. Plus, people love complimenting people that smell good...so why not go fishing?


These things are gross and stink, so if you have found yourself using them..I know it’s not easy, but consider trying to stop. Even if it takes months, just trying is worth it. Plus, your breath, clothes, car, house, and anywhere else you normally smoke will smell SOO much better.


Okay so you brushed your teeth...that’s not enough! You should also use mouthwash and floss. We don’t all do this, but if you want to be FRESH..then maybe start doing it.


Ya know those obnoxiously smelly things that go into the dryer, guess what..they make your clothes smell amazing. You already knew this, but have you been doing it? If your goal is to truly smell better, then it’s worth the extra few bucks to purchase them.


Showering at night can definitely be easier and more relaxing for bed, so do you. However, if you want to be fresh as can be for the start of your day, I recommend taking the extra time to shower in the morning.


If you don’t have any allergies or sensitive skin, then try using scented lotion to get that extra whiff of smell good around you. Coconut lotion tends to be a good neutral smell that most people find pleasant.


Invest in a bowl, put some mints in it, put it right beside your door, and every day when you leave for wherever it is you go, grab one!

Enjoy a 2018 with fresher air, and less nose pinching.

Cover Image Credit: Pexel

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My advice would be to keep it simple, and classy. Look for pieces that work for you, and are versatile. It is important to find pieces that you personally love, and that you know will work with your wardrobe. Accessories do not have to match your outfit perfectly, they are there to add contrast and tension to your outfits.

I know it can be difficult to venture into the world of men's jewelry and accessories, and not everyone will like the pieces you’ve chosen. As long as you wear the accessories with confidence, you will exude style, and it will not matter what others think of your accessories.

Feel free to experiment with lower-cost pieces and see if you’re willing to invest in more expensive items. Sometimes, the prices of luxury accessories can really turn you away from trying them, but I do personally believe they are worth it. If you're in the market for reasonable prices, brands like Paul Hewitt do amazing jewelry, for a low price. Although, you can find men's accessories usually anywhere you go, Nordstrom, Zara, or Macy's.

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The Rising FourPlay

Young, Black and Gifted

Ronald Bryant III

Fourplay New York Clothing



My time at SUNY Oswego has been one of the most amazing experiences thus far even though I am only in my sophomore year. I have seen peers and upperclassman achieve many beautiful things and strive for nothing but the best with their dreams. One person I have come across with my time here and I hope that he achieves everything he wants with his clothing brand is Ronald Bryant III.

Now a college graduate, Bryant has his own clothing brand titled FourPlay which sells a variety of colored beanies, snapbacks, hoodies and shirts. FourPlay itself is a New York lifestyle that aims to shed light on progressive matters worldwide. The creators aim to have fun with the designs and allow their clothing to connect to people on a deeper level. The name itself comes from “the idea of making progress ‘for fun’ or for endearment. Doing things because you genuinely enjoy doing it allows for a better development process and contributes to your eagerness to succeed.” The design comes from, “the brand name [coming] from the number 4 being a substitute for the root word ‘for-’ (as in forward). The play symbol is recognized as an icon meaning continue or resume, which is synonymous to progression. When you put those two meanings together you get ‘forward progression’ or ‘Fourward Progression.’

For this article I decided to interview him because for Black History Month I think it is not only important to know your rich history and culture but to look at the present and see the other astounding creations that is happening before your eyes.

What is the inspiration behind your brand and why did you create it?

“The inspiration and reason for creating my brand ultimately was because of my younger sister. I wanted to do something that would inspire her, as well as embed my own aspirations into it. I’ve always been into fashion and art so I figured why not blend the two in my own way.”

What are your short term and long term goals for your line?

“My long term goals for my brand are to get a variety of pieces into the line as I grow as well as develop new campaign strategies to gain a larger audience.

My short term goals are to collab with various artists for the sake of helping each other attract new audiences, but more importantly for my love and appreciation for art and the impact it can have on people.”

How do you see the brand transcending into the “culture”?

“I see the brand growing to be far more than just clothing being that my interest goes beyond fashion. I see the brand allowing underground artists to have platforms to showcase their work or to have video production involved in some way as well.”

What advice do you have for people who want to start their own brand?

“Advice that I would give to people who are looking to start a brand is to find purpose in what you’re doing before you pursue launching it. If there is no purpose, then there is no longevity.”

Do you want to create your own store or maybe merge with like an H&M?

“I see ecommerce/ online shopping being the best lane for me as well as growing my market to curate much larger pop up shops. I do not think in this day and age is essential to merge with boutiques.”

How does it feel to be a black business owner at such a young age?

“To be a black business owner at a young age is very fun experience as far as learning and getting adjusted to new things. It does comes with challenges like anything in life, but once you are able to accept those challenges as they are you will be able to get through the process no matter what. What’s important about it is the adulting transition and the ownership and responsibility that comes with it.”

Why do you think it’s important for you to create these clothes?

“Essentially the importance in creating these clothes is to get important messages out that society should be aware of as well as interpersonal messages that will motivate and inspire people to make progress throughout their daily lives.”

This amazing start-up black owned business can be supported on their website https://www.fourplayny.com/shop where hoodies, shirts and hats can be purchased. Also their social media presence can be followed on Twitter, @fourplayny and their Instagram @fourplayny.

Cover Image Credit: Travis Matthews

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