9 Easy Ways To Smell Better

9 Easy Ways To Smell Better

Not just your body, lots of places!

1. Put deodorant on...AT NIGHT

So, if you’re American, then odds are that you wear deodorant (at least we all hope). However, do you notice that sometimes that doesn’t help? Or that you still..smelly smelly? WELL, putting it on at night allows the deodorant to tackle the issue while you’re asleep, slap another coat on before you go out (even after showering) and you should be better off.


You can place a $1 air freshener in your room, bathroom, living room, wherever else, and you’ll have cheap way to increase the general ambience of your living quarters. Because perhaps your house/room doesn’t smell that bad...but an air freshener/incense can only help.


Investing in some cologne or perfume will give you that extra boost of deliciousness for a day of smelling GOOD. Plus, people love complimenting people that smell good...so why not go fishing?


These things are gross and stink, so if you have found yourself using them..I know it’s not easy, but consider trying to stop. Even if it takes months, just trying is worth it. Plus, your breath, clothes, car, house, and anywhere else you normally smoke will smell SOO much better.


Okay so you brushed your teeth...that’s not enough! You should also use mouthwash and floss. We don’t all do this, but if you want to be FRESH..then maybe start doing it.


Ya know those obnoxiously smelly things that go into the dryer, guess what..they make your clothes smell amazing. You already knew this, but have you been doing it? If your goal is to truly smell better, then it’s worth the extra few bucks to purchase them.


Showering at night can definitely be easier and more relaxing for bed, so do you. However, if you want to be fresh as can be for the start of your day, I recommend taking the extra time to shower in the morning.


If you don’t have any allergies or sensitive skin, then try using scented lotion to get that extra whiff of smell good around you. Coconut lotion tends to be a good neutral smell that most people find pleasant.


Invest in a bowl, put some mints in it, put it right beside your door, and every day when you leave for wherever it is you go, grab one!

Enjoy a 2018 with fresher air, and less nose pinching.

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What’s The Deal With Women Wearing Makeup Anyways?

Makeup is a form of empowerment for both men and women it should not be seen as a way to hide insecurities.


Many people do not understand why makeup is worn. Many believe it has to do with insecurities, self-esteem issues, and more positive attention to their appearance. However, makeup is more used for empowerment and creativity for both men and women rather than a mask to cover themselves up.

Makeup has been around since ancient Egypt. It would be used for both men and women of all social statuses. According to Reader's Digest, they used makeup.

Makeup is a skill that is used because people enjoy it or appreciate it, obviously, it is not for everyone, but the people that use makeup, use it as a way of armor to empower themselves and the way they feel. It is no different from any other form of self-care people use for empowerment or to feel stronger.

According to Refinery29, our relationship with makeup has evolved over the years it is no longer seen as a way to impress men, but it is a celebration of oneself.

Using makeup gives people a chance to control the way they look and gives them a way to express themselves in their daily lives.

According to Bustle, "they are taking control of their own image and using makeup in a way that empowers them. And that is extremely cool."

Makeup is not limited to just women; it can be used for men as well. For instance, back in 2016, James Charles was the first male Covergirl. This allows all people to be involved in the empowerment and creativity that makeup gives us.

According to Health, beauty is for everyone, no matter what you look like or who you are that is what makes it so amazing.

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