Well, as of April 25th, I am no longer a teenage drama queen. It's sad, really, but there comes a time in everyone's life where they need to grow the heck up and no longer be a teenage drama queen.

1. I WAS SO EXTRA about my ~feelings~

Did I know what I wanted? Nah. Do I now? Ha. Maybe.

2. I spent too much money on food

I’m kicking myself but whatever.

3. I thought I was COOL

Senior year of high school I thought I was the sh*t because I was OLD and my siblings were so young. Freshman year, I thought I was invincible. Now, I'm still pretty freakin' cool. Hahaha... Really though, I thought I was sooo cool.

4. I was DRAMA (obviously)

I love talking sh*t. I’ll admit it, but I was into the dumb and petty drama that I’m over now.

5. I dressed WEIRD

Owl dresses and clear sparkly jelly shoes? I got you.

6. I thought I had it together

Nah, fam. I was a mess and lowkey still am, but I love myself more now and I can deal with what life throws at me without completely freaking out.

7. I let boys treat me badly

Boy: “All the pretty girls live in McAli.”

Me: OMG, he thinks I’m pretty. OMG, this is my forever mans. He's so sweet and nice!!1!1!!

Me now: Lindsey...

8. I liked the chase OOPS

If you don't know what the chase is, it's basically just the pre-relationship back and forth. Sometimes the chase is better than actually dating the person #sorry. If you know, you know.

9. I thought I was a true QUEEN

And, I still do!!! Cheers, b******.

I've grown up in the past couple years, but I still have A LOT to learn. Honestly, catch me still doing half of these things this year, but it's a process. I'm taking it day by day, learning from the mistakes I've made and I'm happy just being 20 a little.