9 Apologies I Owe My Mom

9 Apologies I Owe My Mom

From diapers to bad attitudes, she has dealt with it all.

After raising three kids and holding down the fort for the last thirty years, my mom has seen it all.

From diapers to bad attitudes, she has dealt with it all.

No matter what, she put up with it (even when she claims she didn't - hey, I'm still alive and kicking), and for that, I owe her a few apologies.

So, without further hesitation or excuse, Mom, I'm sorry...

1. For not washing the dishes.

As it usually goes, it wasn't until I was on my own that I saw value in keeping up with the dishes (and other forms of basic cleaning).

Thank you for listening to me complain about others doing the same things I did while living at home, and for not rubbing the whole, "Now you know how it feels," bit in my face in the meantime.

2. For being impatient in teaching you about technology.

There's still a lot of things I don't understand, and I call my friends who know what they're doing to explain it to me. I'm sorry for not having the same patience I expect them to have with me.

3. For pretending to listen.

Often times, you just want to tell me about something you saw online or on TV, and for some reason, whatever is on my laptop or phone screen is much more intriguing (except it's not).

I don't know why my mind gets stuck in that teenager mentality where my brain thinks it's "cool" to just tune it out. It's not, and I'm sorry.

4. For complaining about shopping.

I hate shopping as much as you hate attending an event out of obligation. The difference is you put on a brave face and make the most of it, whereas I can't make it through a store without a minimum of two eye rolls and a heavy sigh.

Although we take more trips to Walmart than any weddings, showers and birthday parties combined, it has to be done, and I should be less of a brat about it.

5. For needing my space.

I love the independence you've raised me to have, and sometimes, I can get obsessed with it.

Even when I come home, I'll get absorbed in whatever assignments I have to get done or deadlines I have to meet. While it sometimes is necessary for me to keep to myself, it's not fair to you when I avoid family time.

6. For not taking your advice.

Because you've raised me to have a level head, I assume I can do a lot of things on my own. There's plenty of occasions where you tell me what I should do, and I simply don't listen. I tend to forget that even though you may not know the situation first-hand, you've already been there and done that.

7. For giving you a hard time about taking pictures.

From Christmas cards, to family vacations, to simple dinners at the house -- I couldn't tell you why I act like it's the end of the world to stand still for 30 seconds.

What's even more strange, is I still give you a hard time; even when I know I'm going to be thankful for them in the future. I'll work on it, I promise.

8. For showing more excitement over seeing my fur family than my human family.

It's no secret, I'm a dog person. It's also no secret I'm terrible at showing affection. I can do it strategically (hence this letter), but you of all people know how quickly I dodge a cheek pinch and how awkward I am at giving a hug.

Like most of my other points, it's hard for me to explain why I do it, but know that I am just as ecstatic to see you as I am to get a tongue bath from the dogs (and I love you just as much, too).

9. For anything else I didn't include on this list.

As you probably noticed, all of these points include something about me having an attitude. It's something I've been saying I'll get in check for a while, and maybe now I will.

If I've learned anything from watching our family over the years, it's that I don't want to grow old with any regrets, and giving you a constant hard time would be the worst.

I'm sure in the last couple decades you've pulled your hair out and lost your voice (you're Italian, so metaphorically, of course) over my shenanigans one too many times, but I hope the stress was worth it.

I love you, Mom, and I'm sorry I don't always show it.

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A Letter To My Go-To Aunt

Happiness is having the best aunt in the world.

I know I don't say it enough, so let me start off by saying thank you.

You'll never understand how incredibly blessed I am to have you in my life. You'll also never understand how special you are to me and how much I love you.

I can't thank you enough for countless days and nights at your house venting, and never being too busy when I need you. Thank you for the shopping days and always helping me find the best deals on the cutest clothes. For all the appointments I didn't want to go to by myself. Thank you for making two prom days and a graduation party days I could never forget. Thank you for being overprotective when it comes to the men in my life.

Most importantly, thank you for being my support system throughout the numerous highs and lows my life has brought me. Thank you for being honest even when it isn't what I want to hear. Thank you for always keeping my feet on the ground and keeping me sane when I feel like freaking out. Thank you for always supporting whatever dream I choose to chase that day. Thank you for being a second mom. Thank you for bringing me into your family and treating me like one of your own, for making me feel special because you do not have an obligation to spend time with me.

You've been my hero and role model from the time you came into my life. You don't know how to say no when family comes to you for help. You're understanding, kind, fun, full of life and you have the biggest heart. However, you're honest and strong and sometimes a little intimidating. No matter what will always have a special place in my heart.

There is no possible way to ever thank you for every thing you have done for me and will continue to do for me. Thank you for being you.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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My Mom Is My Biggest Weakness In The Best Way Possible

Although my mom is still my parent, she's also a friend.


My parents are everything to me. They raised me to be independent, strong, smart, and hard working. They made sure to keep me in line, to ensure that I would be respectful and responsible. They raised me to be prepared for the world before I graduated high school. For everything they've done, I'm very grateful.

Focusing on my mom more specifically, she is my weakness. By that I mean, I can go to her with anything and I know she's willing to listen, to be open, and she won't impart judgment.

My mom always knows how to calm me down, but she is the one person who can also make me cry harder. I don't mean this in a bad way. It's just that whenever I've had a tough day or my anxiety has been heightened by some ordeal, I know that if I see my mom or if I even call her over the phone, the waterworks come flooding. I don't know what it is about my mom that makes me feel so emotional, so vulnerable. Each time I go to her, it's almost as if I'm a kid again, crawling into her mother's arms, seeking a nurturing soul to tell me that everything will be okay.

Sometimes I even avoid calling my mom when I'm in a rut because I refuse to cry or feel weak. For instance, if I had a problem, I'd avoid talking to her about it. If a week goes by, I'll update her on my problems, and begin crying about it (even though I was already over it beforehand). My mom can bring out anything from me. She laughs when I tell her this because she knows that no matter how old her baby girl gets, she'll always need her mama.

I think as I've gotten older, I've realized how much more my parents mean to me. As a kid, I always felt like they were against me. I felt as if they didn't want me to do anything and didn't want me to grow. As an adult, I realize it's the exact opposite. My parents have always wanted what's best for me, and because I've grown to understand this, I feel so much closer to them.

I feel as though now, although my mom is still my parent, she's also a friend. She's someone I can go to when I feel down, someone I can go to for a good laugh. She's so much better than me in so many ways. She's outgoing, loud, obnoxious, smart, and is always seeing the good in situations. When I talk about my mom to other people, they're always so interested in meeting with her or talking with her. When they finally get the chance to, they're instantly drawn to her character. They're drawn to her laughter. I kid you not, my mom can light up a room in seconds. She is always the life of the party. It sometimes makes me jealous when people find out how amazing my mother is because I swear they'd rather be friends with her than me.

What people don't see is her struggles. They don't see the pain she goes through with her ongoing injury. They don't see that not only does it take a physical toll, but also an emotional toll. She hides it really well because that's what parents are "supposed to do." My mom is the strongest person I know and to see the two contrasts of her is astonishing. To think that someone so full of life can also battle personal struggles, it's hard to see, especially because she's my mom and all I want is the best for her. One part of my mom struggles while the other part of her is so vibrant, so full of life, so sassy.

I don't know how she's put up with all of the hardships in her life. I've never seen someone work so hard and refuse to fail. She refuses to be taken advantage of. I've never seen someone as amazing as my mother. She can do anything.

I think my mom looks down on herself sometimes. I think, like any woman, she sees imperfections. What I don't think she sees, that I wish she would, is the tenacity she has. I want her to see herself the way I do: beautiful, strong, courageous, sassy, outgoing. I could go on and on about how much my mom inspires me and how she's made me appreciate her in more ways than one.

Mom, thank you for all that you do and all that you are. I hope you know how much Rachel, Vanessa and I all love you. I hope you know that no matter what struggles we go through, you are our rock. You hold the fort down and you're always there to make sure we're good, even when you aren't yourself. Thank you for always thinking of us, for believing in us, and for never turning your back. I love you more than you know.

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