I've been back at school for about three weeks now, and the sleep deprivation slash pulling all-nighters kicked in after about two days of classes. I was a little surprised, I thought it'd take four days, a week maximum.

Since I am so sleep-deprived, I figured I write my article about it.

Here are eight things every sleep-deprived college student does.

1.You down any beverage that potentially has caffeine.

I am a "caffeineoholic" in general, but when I don't sleep it's up a notch. Not only do I down coffee even more than usual, but I also down sodas like Mountain Dew that have caffeine. Spoiler alert, the amount of caffeine you drink doesn't seem to affect your ability to stay awake.

2. Your meals are "whatever you can keep in your room that is somewhat fulfilling."


Also known as, large bags of chips, mac and cheese that you make in the community microwave, or Lunchables. And you usually eat them at weird times.

3. You avoid showering at night.


I know this is gross, but hear me out. It takes too much time, and if you shower at night, like me, and if you are a normal person who takes a hot shower, like me, hot showing late actually makes you want to go to sleep. And you don't have time for that. After I shower I want to put on comfortable, clean clothes, and doing that makes me want to lie down, and doing that leads to me falling asleep, which, again, I can't do.

4. You leave the lights on constantly, to try to keep you awake.


I mean, I think this is self-explanatory. However, I have fallen asleep with the lights on before.

5. You fall into that trap of "oh let me just nap for five minutes."


You set an alarm to go off, so you know you don't drift off, and it works the first time. However, you then do it again. And again. And suddenly you wake up at 8:00 AM, and don't want to get out of bed, and end up rushing to your first class.

6. You never get everything you wanted to do done.


You think you'll be able to completely finish a paper in one night? Think again. It'll take at least two.

7. You stop caring about your appearance.


You don't have the energy or time to put effort into looking presentable.

8. You can't enjoy your free time.

Pretty much for the same reason as #7.