85 Songs For Your Next Road Trip

85 Songs For Your Next Road Trip

It's all about variety!

My life is extremely hectic and because of this I spend a good part of my week on the road. Whether it's driving through Florida, Georgia, Alabama, or even Mississippi. I'm constantly traveling and moving from one destination to the next. While most people would get completely bored driving as much as I do, I find it exciting. Even though I'm always headed to the same route and I no longer need a GPS to tell me my arrival time, I'm still enjoying the open road and the endless playlists I've created.

No road trip...I repeat, NO ROAD TRIP is fun without music. Thinking about no music playing in a car reminds me of when I used to get in trouble on long drives and was forced to sit in silence. That's just not something I can handle. From constantly driving and listening to music, I've created quite an extensive list of songs.

Whether you love or hate road trips, a playlist is a necessity. Sometimes, it's the music that makes the road trip experience. So here are 85 songs you know you need to add to your playlist. I'm sure you won't regret looking. there's something for everyone on here!

1. Life Is A Highway - Rascal Flatts

2. Wagon Wheel - Darius Rucker

3. Alright - Darius Rucker

4. Margaritaville - Alan Jackson, Jimmy Buffett

5. Ten Rounds With Jose Cuervo - Tracy Byrd

6. Escape (The Pina Colada Song) - Rupert Holmes

7. As Good As I Once Was - Toby Keith

8. Find Out Who Your Friends Are - Tracy Lawrence

9. No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problem - Kenny Chesney

10. Young - Kenny Chesney

11. Cruise - Florida Georgia Line

12. Body Like A Back Road - Sam Hunt

13. Take A Back Road - Rodney Atkins

14. If You're Going Through Hell - Rodney Atkins

15. Twenty-One - Corey Smith

16. Bartender Song (Sitting At A Bar) - Rehab

17. Ride - Twenty One Pilots

18. I'm Just A Kid - Simple Plan

19. Mr. Brightside - The Killers

20. Somebody Told Me - The Killers

21. All The Small Things - Blink-182

22. Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects

23. 1985 - Bowling For Soup

24. The Middle - Jimmy Eat World

25. Pour Some Sugar On Me - Def Leppard

26. Closer - The Chainsmokers

27. Me, Myself, & I - G-Eazy, Bebe Rexha

28. Best Day Of My Life - American Authors

29. Bye Bye Bye - *NSYNC

30. I Want It That Way - Backstreet Boys

31. I Want Candy - Aaron Carter

32. Genie In A Bottle - Christina Aguilera

33. I'm Like A Bird - Nelly Furtado

34. Whenever Wherever - Shakira

35. Hips Don't Lie - Shakira

36. Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson

37. Follow Me - Uncle Kracker

38. Locked Away - R. City

39. Love Myself - Hailee Steinfeld

40. Hey, Soul Sister - Train

41. Unwritten - Natasha Bedingfield

42. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

43.Keep Your Head Up - Andy Grammer

44. Honey, I'm Good - Andy Grammer

45. I Don't Want To Be - Gavin DeGraw

46. I'll Be - Edwin McCain

47. A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

48. Stacy's Mom - Fountain Of Wayne

49. Scotty Doesn't Know - Lustra

50. Don't Trust Me - 3OH!3

51. Titanium - David Guetta (feat. Sia)

52. Girlfriend - Avril Lavigne

53. Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

54. Free Fallin' - Tom Petty

55. Wannabe - Spice Girls

56. When i Grow Up - The Pussycat Dolls

57. Don't Cha - The Pussycat Dolls

58. Survivor - Destiny's Child

59. Oops, I Did It Again - Britney Spears

60. Obsessed - Mariah Carey

61. London Bridge - Fergie

62. Fergalicious - Fergie

63. Miss Independent - Ne-Yo

64. Take You There - Sean Kingston

65. Beautiful Girls - Sean Kingston

66. It Wasn't Me - Shaggy

67. Angel - Shaggy

68. Country Grammar - Nelly

69. Sexy Can I - Ray J

70. Ignition (Remix) - R. Kelly

71. Fly - Sugar Ray

72. Hey Ya! - OutKast

73. Burn - Usher

74. Replay - Iyaz

75. Whatever You Like - T.I.

76. Candy Shop - 50 Cent

77. Beautiful - Akon

78. Suga Suga - Baby Bash

79. P.I.M.P. - 50 Cent

80. Sexy Back - Justin Timberlake

81. No Sleep - Wiz Khalifa

82. Fly Solo - Wiz Khalifa

83. Mambo No. 5 - Lou Bega

84. Barbie Girl - Aqua

85. The Tide Is High - Blondie

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50 Quotes from the Best Vines

If you're picturing the vines in your head, you're doing it right

In 2017 we had to say goodbye to one of the best websites to ever roam the internet: Vine. In case you have been living under a rock since 2013, Vine was -(sad face)- a website and app that took the internet and the app store by storm in Winter 2013. It contained 6-second videos that were mostly comedy- but there were other genres including music, sports, cool tricks and different trends. Vine stars would get together and plan out a vine and film it till they got it right.

It was owned by Twitter and it was shut down because of so many reasons; the viners were leaving and making money from Youtube, there was simply no money in it and Twitter wanted us to suffer.

There's been a ton of threads on Twitter of everyone's favorite vines so I thought I'd jump in and share some of my favorites. So without further ado, here are some quotes of vines that most vine fanatics would know.

1. "AHH...Stahhp. I coulda dropped mah croissant"

2. "Nate how are those chicken strips?" "F%#K YA CHICKEN STRIPS.....F%#K ya chicken strips!"

3. "Road work ahead? Uh Yea, I sure hope it does"

4. "Happy Crimus...." "It's crismun..." "Merry crisis" "Merry chrysler"

5. "...Hi Welcome to Chili's"

6. "HoW dO yOu kNoW wHaT's gOoD fOr mE?" "THAT'S MY OPINIONNN!!!.."

7."Welcome to Bible Study. We're all children of Jesus... Kumbaya my looordd"

8. Hi my name's Trey, I have a basketball game tomorrow. Well I'm a point guard, I got shoe game..."

9. "It's a avocadooo...thanks"

10. "Yo how much money do you have?" "69 cents" "AYE you know what that means?" "I don't have enough money for chicken nuggets"

11. "Hurricane Katrina? More like Hurricane Tortilla."

12. "Hey Tara you want some?" "This b*%th empty. YEET!"

13. "Get to Del Taco. They got a new thing called Freesha-- Free-- Freeshavaca do"

14. "Mothertrucker dude that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick"

15. "Two brooss chillin in a hot tub 5 feet apart cuz they're not gay"

16. "Jared can you read number 23 for the class?" "No I cannot.... What up I'm Jared, I'm 19 and I never f#@%in learned how to read."

17. "Not to be racist or anything but Asian people SSUUGHHH"

18. 18. "I wanna be a cowboy baby... I wanna be a cowboy baby"

19. "Hey, I'm lesbian" "I thought you were American"

20. "I spilled lipstick in your Valentino bag" "you spilled- whaghwhha- lipstick in my Valentino White bag?"

21. "What's better than this? Guys bein dudes"

22. "How'd you get these bumps? ya got eggzma?" "I got what?" "You got eggzma?"

23. "WHAT ARE THOSEEEEE?" "THEY are my crocs!"

24. "Can I get a waffle? Can I please get a waffle?"

25. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY RAVEN!" "I can't sweem"

26. "Say Coloradoo" "I'M A GIRAFFE!!"

27. "How much did you pay for that taco?" Aight yo you know this boys got his free tacoo"

28. *Birds chirping* "Tweekle Tweekle"

29. "Girl, you're thicker than a bowl of oatmeal"

30. "I brought you Frankincense" "Thank you" "I brought you Myrrh" "Thank you" "Mur-dur" "huh...Judas..no"

31. "Sleep? I don't know about sleep...it's summertime" "You ain't go to bed?" "Oh she caught me"

32. "All I wanna tell you is school's not important... Be whatever you wanna be. If you wanna be a dog...RUFF. You know?"33. "Oh I like ya accent where you from?" "I'm Liberian" "Oh, my bad *whispering* I like your accent..."

34. "Next Please" "Hello" "Sir, this is a mug shot" "A mug shot? I don't even drink coffee"

35. "Hey did you happen to go to class last week?" "I have never missed a class"

36. "Go ahead and introduce yourselves" "My name is Michael with a B and I've been afraid of insects my entire-" "Stop, stop, stop. Where?" "Hmm?" "Where's the B?" "There's a bee?"

37. "There's only one thing worse than a rapist...Boom" "A child" "No"

38. "Later mom. What's up me and my boys are going to see Uncle Kracker...GIVE ME MY HAT BACK JORDAN! DO YOU WANNA SEE UNCLE KRACKER OR NO?

39. "Dad look, it's the good kush." This is the dollar store, how good can it be?"

40. "Zach stop...Zach stop...You're gonna get in trouble. Zach"

41. "CHRIS! Is that a weed? "No this is a crayon-" I'm calling the police" *puts 911 into microwave* "911 what's your emergency"

42. "WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? WHY? "

43. *Blowing vape on table* * cameraman blows it away* "ADAM"

44. "Would you like the spider in your hand?" "Yea" "Say please" "Please" *puts spider in hand* *screams*

45. "Oh hi, thanks for checking in I'm still a piece of garrbaagge"

46. *girl blows vape* "...WoW"

47. *running* "...Daddy?" "Do I look like-?"

48. *Pours water onto girl's face" "Hello?"

49. "Wait oh yes wait a minute Mr. Postman" "HaaaAHH"

50. "...And they were roommates" "Mah God they were roommates"

I could literally go on forever because I just reference vines on a daily basis. Rest in peace Vine

Cover Image Credit: Vine

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Poetry On Odyssey: 'Surround'

Inspired by Surround Yourself, an exhibition by Jordan Wilshaw at Eastern Michigan University in April of 2018.

Sound yourself with the doers.

Surround yourself with the movers,

the shakers,

the believers,

the winner,

the crazies.

Surround yourself with the the dreamers.

Surround yourself with the “good ones”.

Surround yourself with the people who just get it — whatever “it” is.

Surround yourself with people you love.
Surround yourself with those who love you.
Surround yourself with love.

Surround yourself with art.


For more art by Wilshaw, see their website here.

Cover Image Credit: Author's Photo

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