8 Ways You Know You're Comfortable With Your Roommate

The most nerve-wracking thing about the first year of college is the roommate situation. Whether you go random or you pick your roomie, you have anxiety about it. What will it be like living so closely with someone else? Will we get along? What if we don't become best friends? All of these are valid worries, but over time, certain qualities of your rooming situation appear that let you know that you're definitely past the anxiety phase. Here are 8 tell-tale ways that you are beyond comfortable with your roommate.

1. You talk about personal things

The first few days may leave you missing your old friends from home because you told them literally everything, but after a few weeks you'll be running home from class to spill all of the tea to your roommate. Your dorm essentially becomes the Chamber of Secrets, and your roommate will know most of them.

2. You're concerned if they don't come home for long periods of time

College can be the greatest place, but sometimes, it can also be scary. You know you care about your roommate when they don't come home when they say they will. It's best to share your location with them indefinitely and to always let each other know when one of you is staying the night somewhere else.

3. You buy, share, and eat food together

The true mark of friendship between anyone is sharing food or sitting down to a meal together in the dining hall. It's a deeply personal experience stocking your shelves and mini-fridge together as well as as anxiously awaiting delivered food or, perhaps, enough powder to make six gallons of light blue gatorade from Amazon.

4. You have a designated dorm D.J.

When you're sitting in your dorm slaving away on homework, one of you always provides the tunes that pull you through those long hours. The best part? Neither of you judges the other person's taste in music, either, so everyone is hearing their favorite songs.

5. Bodily functions are disregarded

At one point, there will be nothing to hide from your roomie. You've probably seen them hug the toilet a few times, heard a few unpleasant noises, and maybe even watched them forcefully spit tea across the room on accident, all without batting an eyelash. That's roomie love.

6. You've developed hobbies together

Together, you and your roommate have tried many things, and some of them have stuck. Now, you go to yoga together regularly and are totally down to try another other new class or hobby that pops up on campus. Having a buddy to try things with makes for a great roommate.

7. You've seen them naked

This was never on purpose. However, sometimes it comes with living in a 14'x10' room with a bathroom approximately one light year down the hall. No, it's not weird, it's a fact of life.

8. Your room feels like home

Moving into a dorm with someone you may not know can make you feel like home is so far away, but the truth is that after decorating together, bonding, and time, you'll find yourself saying that you can't wait to go home to your roomie.

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