8 Ways to Legally Enter the USA: A Guide to US Immigration
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8 Ways to Legally Enter the USA: A Guide to US Immigration

Have you ever thought about moving to the US?

8 Ways to Legally Enter the USA: A Guide to US Immigration

Today going to the USA is a dream for many people in the world. Some want to visit the US for sightseeing, others to study, explore more, achieve the American dream, or just to live and work. The general number of international visitors reaches 7.6 million yearly.


Immigration to America is a clear start for many people in the world. Individuals go to America for equal rights, democracy, liberty, countless opportunities, and more. Whatever your reason is, your clear goal should be to move to the US legally. The process seems to be complex, however, beginning your immigration journey with a US immigration lawyer can help to succeed in the process.

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Immigrating to the United States legally, you should be eligible for a certain type of visa. Before you begin your immigration journey, let’s check out some of the legal ways to immigrate to the USA.

1.Family-based Immigration

Many US residents apply for this visa to bring their close relatives to the USA. This group of relatives can include spouses, parents, children, and siblings. As a citizen, your relative can help to get a lawful permanent residence. However, there are some nuances to learn before applying for this type of visa. Your relatives should prove that have enough income to support you when coming to the United States.

2.Getting Employment Visa

The USA has created opportunities for highly-skilled foreigners to come and work in the country. Approximately 140.000 immigrants get employment-based visas every fiscal year. These visas can be either temporary or permanent. The types may vary from H-1B, H2A, H2B to O-1 classifications. It is a great opportunity for foreigners to come to the country for employment purposes.

3.Getting Marriage Visa

If you are going to get married to a U.S. citizen, you will certainly move to the US with a marriage visa. When marrying a citizen, or a green card holder, you should follow certain rules to get permanent resident status. When compared to other types of visas, a marriage visa brings a lot of benefits. The best part of it is that this type does not have limits on the number of visas issued every year.

4.Getting Business Visa

USA business visas cover different categories. It gives a great opportunity for investors to develop business relationships and gain a lawful status to live and work in the United States. Depending on the location, you will need to invest $500,000 to $1,000,000 into an American business. As an investor, you must create about 10 jobs within 2 years.

5.Diversity Visa Lottery

A Visa lottery is among the most popular ways of entering the USA. With its countless benefits, it allows people from 40 countries to apply for it through an online application. The USA department chooses the winners by accidental computer selection. You should be very attentive when filling in the application form to avoid any kind of mistakes.

6.Humanitarian immigrant visas

People who find themselves in a risky, or unsafe situation are free to apply for US permanent resistance for humanitarian purposes. It is also known as humanitarian parole. People who have this visa status will not be able to get another lawful immigration status or get work privileges. However, they can request work authorization following a certain process.

7.Other U.S. immigrant visas

Among the main type of visas, you can find other options that allow people to go to the USA for several purposes. From qualified foreign trainees to meetings, execution of media, transit, religious occupation, vocation, entertainment, athletics, and more: each of the visa applications requires a certain process to follow. Working or consulting with an attorney will allow you to follow all the processes without any hassle.


If you are clear with your goals to go to the US, you should mainly take a legal journey. Taking the route of illegal immigration can cause a lot of dangers. Working with a reliable immigration lawyer, make sure you will be able to reach your dream legally.

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