It's no secret that finals week is the absolute worst time to be a college student. Everything that you've been putting off finally catches up to you and everything that happens makes you want to cry. Here are some ways to help you avoid that during finals week.

1. Color

Grab some colored pencils and a Disney Princess coloring book and go to town. Even taking ten minutes out of your study time to do this will help you calm down and focus on what you've really got to prepare for.

2. Reread a book that you loved

Check out your favorite Harry Potter book or something by John Green. Whenever you start to feel overwhelmed grab it and go somewhere quiet. After a few chapters you'll be ready to jump right back in to that paper!

3. Play with puppies!

If your school holds Doggie Days, take advantage of them! Playing with pups is easily one of the best stress relievers ever. If your school doesn't host Puppy Play Dates, there has to be a shelter near by! Take a drive to give some dogs and cats some love and you'll be happy that you did.

4. Bake something, ANYTHING!

Get your friends together and bake cupcakes or cookies! Not only will it temporarily take your mind off of your homework, it will give you an excuse to see the people you love who have been hiding away writing essays since last Tuesday - and they'll be grateful you saved them with a dessert!

5. Play a card game

Whether it's What Do You Meme, Cards Against Humanity, or Kings in the Corner, card games always make it easy to focus on the positives!


Whatever you do, DO NOT STAY UP ALL NIGHT! Get your full eight hours of rest so that when your 8:00 alarm goes off, you feel confident about whatever it is that your day holds.

7. Watch your favorite movie

If it's Bad Moms, laugh a lot. If it's Rent, cry a lot. Whatever it is, let it take your mind off of school for a few hours - you know you'll feel better after you do!

8. Call your parents

Hearing your mom or dad's voice in the midst of one of your worst days ever is an instant stress reliever. Even if you only have five minutes on your walk from your last study group session to your next one, use the time you have to regroup and talk to someone you love.

Whatever you do, make sure you leave time for yourself during these super stressful weeks!