8 Tips To Feel More Energized In The Mornings

How many of us struggle getting up in the morning? Now how many of you are productive in the morning? If you are trying to combat the struggles of the morning laziness or just trying to get more done before your day starts, here a some tips that will help you get a jump start on your morning routine.

1. Do a few jumping jacks.

Doing a little movement before starting your day can get your body to start waking up.

2. Or do a little morning run.

3. Shower with cold water.

Showering with cold water can help get more alert in the morning and make your skin feeling fresh.

4. Clean up a little.

If you tidy up a little before your day starts it can help you get your mind going.

5. Get your brain juice flowing.

Playing a sudoku game or crossword puzzle could also get your braining going in the morning.

6. Make some fresh juice or smoothie.

Make yourself a glass of fresh orange juice or apple juice to get a little more energy in the morning.

7. Let the sun hit your face.

The sunlight that hits your body will wake your body up naturally.

8. Act like you are awake if all fails.

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