1) Keep a Journal

Within that journal, you can track your mood each day, highlight the things you are grateful for each week, pinpoint the things that trigger negative feelings so you can avoid them the next time, and write down your thoughts to keep them from racing in your mind.

2) Wake Up Early

Waking up early means that you have more time to do the things you love. You can have a hearty breakfast, read a couple of extra pages from a book you like, sit by your window with a warm drink, or listen to your favorite playlist without interruptions.

3) Meditate

Taking five minutes a day to meditate, will save you twice the time of worrying. Meditating keeps you focused and induces relaxation. It also reduces stress and aging, and it increases happiness and acceptance. It helps you feel more connected.

4) Eat Healthy and Exercise

I know doctors and parents and commercials tell us this all the time. But it really, truly, works. Having a healthy diet helps your body combat diseases, boosts your energy, improves your mood, and increases productivity. Exercising regularly improves your memory and helps you sleep better. All of the things we need to live a long life.

5) Talk to Someone You Trust

Speaking to a family member, a friend, or some sort of counselor is highly encouraged because keeping it all bottled up is not going to help your mental health. It’s a good idea to find someone to encourage you, listen to you, and give you advice if needed. We are not machines, and even machines need outside help once in a while.

6) Let Your Emotions Out

Find a time to let your emotions flow, and then move on with your day. When you let go, you create space for better things to enter your life.

7) Take it One Day at a Time

Every situation in life is temporary. When life is good, make sure you enjoy it and take it in fully. When life is not good, remember that pain is temporary and it will not last forever.

8) Be Kind to Yourself

We are our harshest critics. Self-acceptance is the key to success. You are allowed to be both a masterpiece and a work in progress, simultaneously. Go easy on yourself. Whatever you do today, let it be enough.