8 Terrifying Thoughts You Have When You Lose Your BuckID

You know the feeling: casually sliding your finger across the back of your phone to check for you BuckID and stopping cold, your heart in your throat, when you feel nothing there. If you're lucky (or much more responsible than some of us), then you've never lived the terror. If you have, then you know the feeling of losing the most important part of yourself. Here are 8 thoughts you have when you lose your BuckID.

1. Why am I human piece of unorganized trash?

For once, you actually thought you had yourself together. When you lose your BuckID, you suddenly remember that you are almost never together and the fact that you held on to your ID for this long is astonishing in its own way.

2. No way I'm paying $25 for a new one.

You're a college student, which is actually a synonym for being poor. How dare they ask for $25 to essentially restore your existence at OSU while you're already shelling out thousands of dollars to be there in the first place?

3. Am I ever going to eat again?

Your BuckID is your ticket into the dining halls. Without it, you are hungry. If you don't find it, who knows what you'll resort to eating. The squirrels are pretty friendly on campus....

4. If someone picked it up, my whole life is in their hands.

You start to panic when you consider that you may have dropped it on the ground in the middle of campus, right where any one of Ohio State's 60,000 students could have picked it up. There goes your dorm, your meal swipes, your dining dollars, your BuckID cash, your student ID number, your checking account, your middle name you never tell anyone, and that nasty picture of you from orientation. RIP, Life.

5. My roommate is a saint.

As you frantically text all of the people you've ever met on campus asking if they've seen your BuckID, your roommate valiantly says that they'll tear apart your room looking for it to give you piece of mind. Then, they'll come get you so you can get into the room. Bless you, sweet roommate, for being a source of sanity in my moment of hysteria.

6. Darn, I can't do laundry.

Since the laundry rooms make you pay with BuckID cash, it looks like that ever-growing pile of smelly laundry will live to see another day. How sad.

7. Now that I'm locked out of my room, someone else besides me will know that I'm a mess.

Whether you ask for help looking for it, go to the front desk for a loaner, or get it replaced entirely, at least one person will know that you are, in fact, a hot mess. There's no more hiding it. The truth is out, and now you have to own it.

8. At what point is it acceptable to tape it to my forehead?

Whether this is your first loss or twenty-seventh loss, eventually you'll wonder if there's a way you can always keep track of it. Duct tape is quite sticky, or you could get a sticky pouch for the back of your phone. It's all about personal preference now. We all know that no matter what you do, you're going to lose it again.

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