I have lived in Weymouth Massachusetts for 20+ years; I moved away from it twice, but I kept coming back. Why? My roots are here, this town and I have a love/hate relationship. Below are a list of things that will make sense to you if you're from Weymouth. Enjoy the laughter.

1. If you are a girl, you would do the up-do messy bun.

2. When in all actuality it would be like this:

3. If you went to the high school when the new one was built, you remember being the in connecter.

The never ending walk to the other part of the school felt like you were walking to your death to be scolded for being late...oh wait...

4.This is an extreme New England thing, but also a Weymouth thing.

North Weymouth, South Weymouth, East Weymouth, Weymouth Weymouth. Everywhere.

5. Everyone has a fucking attitude.

"Oh I'm sorry, were you going left with your right blinker on? Am I not going fast enough for you? I'll slow down. My coffee order was too much for you? Did I stutter?" Nah, I didn't get the Weymouth attitude...

6. You died a little inside when Caswell's Seafood closed.

7. You want this man to be your adopted Grandpa.

8. There's that popular film with Johnny Depp that is based on a man that lived less than a minute away from me.

Hollywood, yo.

Even though living in this town can be a pain in the ass to live in and there's been a lot of horrible things to happen over the last few years, it is still nice to think back about the good part of the relationship you had with beloved Weymouth. Weymouth, I do despise you, but...I guess I kind of love you. Kind of. Maybe like 3%.