5 Things Creative Writers Are Tired Of Hearing

5 Things Creative Writers Are Tired Of Hearing

You can't hide your creativity, and it always attracts some unwanted attention.


If you write creatively then you know the hassle that comes with the hobby. It's an endless process of creating content, researching, revising and creating again. I started writing novels in middle school, and I love creating other worlds that I have complete control over –– but writing isn't as glamorous as people who don't write think. Sometimes, us writers want to keep our passion a secret from people who don't share it. Why? Here are some reasons:

1. "Can you make a character just like me?"

I don't know how many times I've been hit with this one. So many friends, and not-friends, have asked me to create a character just for them –– that looks like them, acts like them and basically is them. I always tried if they were good friends of mine, but it never fit with my piece. Writing a character to please someone else, who honestly might night even care, more than likely won't fit with your story or world. Don't kill yourself trying to make your mom identical to your protagonist's mom. If there are similarities that came naturally, it'll flow better and come off more authentic to your readers.

2. "What's your book about?"

Now this isn't too bad; however, when it's the tenth time and from the same person, it can get pretty annoying. It seems that no matter how much of a simple description you offer, the person just doesn't get it. It's frustrating when you realize that they're not really interested; they just find it unique and weird that there's someone their age who's creating content. Just grin and bear it; they'll forget that you write in about 20 minutes.

3. "It's just a hobby, right?"

This one hurts because it's not just a hobby to someone who spends so much time devoted to this craft. No one likes to hear that their job is just a hobby or that it's not legitimate. If it was just a hobby to J.K. Rowling, we wouldn't have "Harry Potter," and if it was just a hobby to J.R.R. Tolkien, we wouldn't have "The Lord of the Rings." Creative writing is a real career for thousands of people, and it is the aspiring writer's dream career.

4. "Nobody reads books anymore."

This usually comes from the people who hated reading for homework and never picked up a book outside of school in their entire lives. And from being on the internet my entire life, I've witnessed the rise of the "BookTube" community –– where people have entire YouTube channels dedicated to books and sharing them with the world. Reading isn't for everyone, and that's OK, but reading isn't dead. It's very much alive and thriving. Go to your local bookstore, and just relax a bit; books bring comfort.

5. "So you just write poetry?"

Creative writing is more than just poetry. Within the craft there's short fiction, nonfiction, fiction, prose, essay, poetry and much more. Plus, there are so many genres within those categories that you can literally write about anything you want! As long as you're creative, and always have new ideas, your writing can do whatever you want it to.

Whether you're writing historical fiction about the Vietnam War or writing a fiction piece about a magical circus, you're creating meaningful content that someone, somewhere, will read and enjoy. I've had too many people try and discourage me from writing what I want to write, and I know plenty of other people who have had the same experience. Just don't give in, and you could very well publish the next "Hunger Games."

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