Sorry is probably a word that you hear often from other people. You probably say it more than you should, and don't even realize it. For example, when someone bumps into you your first instinct is to say "sorry," even though they bumped into you. While that act may be deemed upon as nice or polite, it is unnecessary. Here are some things you shouldn't be sorry for.

1. Removing toxic people from your life.

Whether it's a relative or a friend, if someone is making your life worse or negative you need to stop associating with them immediately. Self-happiness is a critical component of living a great life. Don't wait too long to rid yourself from the chains negative people put on you. Do it before it drives you crazy, and there is absolutely no reason to apologize for it.

2. Your future and dreams.

Never apologize for having big dreams and plans for a great future. A lot of people we are involved with tend to feel offended when you begin to dream big, and they aren't necessarily part of the dream. Keep dreaming big, and do not apologize for doing so!

3. Being blessed.

This one is one I continued to apologize for until I came to my senses. I have been working since I was 14 years old, so I deserve the nice things I buy, and I deserve the vacations I take every year. I have a nice car because I work hard. Not because I'm "extra" or spoiled. People judge me for being blessed, and that is perfectly fine because I will no longer be apologizing for it. I'm blessed, not spoiled. There is a huge distinction between the two, don't get it twisted.

4. Your body or weight

There are a lot of controversies when it comes to body image. If you're apologizing because of your size or shape, stop doing that! You're alive, and that is important. Own your body and love it.

5. Saying no

There's always a time when someone needs help and you should always help, but if a person is using you just say no. If it feels wrong, say no. If your gut is telling you to say no, say no. You don't owe anyone an explanation or reason either. This is hard to do but trust me, it is worth it.

6. Having high exceptions

It is never wrong if you want people-- or even yourself-- to do the best and be the best. Don't apologize when you have to send someone that wants to get with you away because they are not what you are looking for. Never settle for less.

7. Always dressing up

If you take pride in dressing up, do your thing! Don't let anyone change your mind about that. When we are dressed up we feel more confident, and it leaves a lasting impression. Sure you'll probably be called "extra' and names like that but don't apologize for dressing up.

8. Being busy

Life is exhausting, and people have a lot to do throughout the course of the day. For some annoying reason, people don't understand busy schedules and get upset when you can't hang out because you're working or have homework. Don't apologize for having a busy life, people need to understand some of us want to work hard so we can actually get somewhere in life.