8 Things I Learned From Being Independent
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8 Things I Learned From Being Independent

Why depend on others for things that you can do yourself?

8 Things I Learned From Being Independent

Years back, I was assigned a class project to find the one word that defined me the best. In order to define this quality, I asked almost everyone and anyone who knew me to best define me with one word. To my surprise, over 93 percent of the answers I received were the word, "independent."

This took me by surprise. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that I was independent and I found this answer fitting, but I was overly humbled to know that others saw independence in me, as well. I have always believed that my independent mindset, as well as actions, are both a blessing and a curse. I am beyond comfortable in doing things by myself, but this has also led me to become more introverted than ever. Through it all, being independent has taught me a lot.

1. I find peace in the fact that I can take care of myself.

I don’t need to be surrounded by friends every minute of every day or a date every weekend in order to feel that I matter or am important to this world.

2. I have learned to do many 'masculine' things by not depending on others for help.

A few weeks back I learned to check my own oil and educated myself on the details of the hood of my car all because I didn’t want to ask a male friend of mine to do it for me.

3. I have become an expert at helping others, simply because I have taught myself handy skills.

Although I have a strong mindset not to depend on others, I have found how much I love to help others.

4. I have set myself up for a life of nothing but success.

Through hard work and determination, I have learned to rely on myself and nobody but myself to get where I am and where I want to be in life.

5. I have developed a strong attitude of persistency.

I enjoy the thrill of successfully fixing or figuring out things on my own. Many times, I have to be persistent at a task if I don’t want to ask others for help.

6. I have gained a sense of confidence different from the typical confidence individual.

Other than riding on compliments on looks or social media popularity, I have learned to be confident in my abilities and in my self.

7. I have learned to march to the beat of my own drum, and be the leader of my life.

I am comfortable breaking the fashion trend for an outfit of my personal liking or dancing to music others find weird.

8. I have found happiness in me.

I have learned that nobody nor anything can make you happy, other than yourself. You control your happiness, so you might as well be comfortable getting to know yourself.

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