8 Things I Will Never Do Again

We have all done things we regret and sometimes we do those things again anyways. There are also just things that we will never do again, but don't regret doing. For your reading pleasures, I have put together a list of things I've done and don't plan on doing ever again.

1. Be an extra in a show/movie.

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I did this once and I definitely don't plan on doing it again. I got paid for it which is why I don't regret doing it. I saw some really popular actors which was awesome, but being on the set for 13 hours on my day off from work to get about 10 minutes of footage just did not fit my fancy. I can cross it off my bucket list at least.

2. Go whitewater rafting.

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I know it's some people's dream to go whitewater rafting, but I have done it two times and am not going to do it a third. I'll admit it was cool and I'm glad I had the opportunity to do it, but after the second time I went and fell in twice and bruised my legs up, it was over for me. I can be adventurous in many other ways.

3. Grow my hair out to the point that it's no longer manageable.

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I have donated my hair 3 times now. I am so happy that I was able to do such a great thing for people, but I am now going to focus on helping people in different ways. I grew my hair down to my butt enough times. I donated my hair the last time in September 2018. I normally would just grow it back out, but I decided to keep my hair short, above my shoulders, from now on.

4. Wave at someone if I'm not positive about who they are or if they're looking.

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It's just really awkward.

5. Ride a bike for more than 2 miles.

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In 2013 I said these words exactly, "I am never doing that again!" and threw my bike down to the ground. I was on vacation in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware with my best friend and her family. We went on a bike ride that felt like forever. I honestly was on my deathbed by the end of it. If 14-year-old me couldn't do it, there is no way 20-year-old me can.

6. Call my boyfriend stupid.

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In my defense, it was said in the heat of the moment and wasn't completely irrational. I was worried about where my mom was because she left her phone and glasses at the house. Keep in mind that she left her phone. I expressed my worry to my boyfriend and explained what items she left. My very intelligent and loving boyfriend, who is a deans list student said, "I dunno, bby, call her." HUH? He wanted me to call her. Call her what?!? I felt very bad after saying it and never want to ever again because he doesn't deserve such words.

7. Be a banquet server.

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Banquet serving was my first job ever and I honestly really liked it, but only because I was working with a ton of my friends. I got another banquet serving job when I started college and I just wasn't feeling it. That banquet serving job made me really want to get out of that kind of scene. I did thankfully and love my job now so much. I am kissing banquet serving goodbye forever.

8. Go tubing.

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Once upon a time, I was on vacation with my family at a lake. We rented a boat which is always fun. I decided to go ahead and ride on the tube attached to the boat. When the boat started going fast, little ol' me got sucked under the water and was being dragged under water for what felt like forever. I did really think those were my last moments on earth. I was probably under there for only like 10 seconds, but still my life flashed before my eyes. I refuse to do such a thing ever again.

Most of these things are probably things people would love to do multiple times. I just can't say the same for myself. There's nothing wrong with doing regretful things, that are safe of course, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to never do something again just because you had one bad experience.

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