8 Stellar Sales Presentation Strategies for Selling to Enterprise Clients
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8 Stellar Sales Presentation Strategies for Selling to Enterprise Clients

they are not tire kickers

8 Stellar Sales Presentation Strategies for Selling to Enterprise Clients

Your client will only sit through the entire sales presentation if it’s relevant, connects with them, and adds value. When you’re targeting enterprise clients, you need to prepare a presentation that leaves a lasting impression.

In this article, we have provided 8 excellent sales presentation strategies that you can implement when selling to enterprise clients.

1. Share the presentation deck prior to the meeting

Yes, you’ve read that right. Sharing the presentation deck before your meeting can certainly work in your favor. If you’re thinking, “but we’re giving away all the crucial points and hooks to the presentation!” Then you might want to reconsider it.

By sharing the deck containing the main aspects of your meeting, you’re getting your client hooked on the points, and they’ll be more intrigued for the sales presentation.

When your client has read through the deck, you’ll be able to talk about important topics right from the start, as they would be already familiar with the points you’re going to cover.

Just make sure they are not tire kickers.

Preparing and sending the presentation deck reduces your efforts and enables you to connect better with your enterprise clients.

2. Be a problem-solver

Enterprise businesses have multiple processes, and each process requires full attention. When you’re preparing your sales presentation, you must find out the challenges your enterprise client is facing with their current process.

Focusing on your client’s pain points will get instant attention, as they’re mainly looking for solutions. Therefore, first, you need to list down the pain points of your enterprise client and talk about how such a fragmented process is affecting their business.

After this, you can reveal the main factor that is causing these challenges. Is there some issue in their sales process? Or is their team less productive? Find out the main cause of the problem.

Once you’ve covered all that, you can utilize your expertise to provide personalized solutions to their business.

For example, if your enterprise client is looking to streamline their business process and store their customer data, then you can suggest a sales CRM.

3. Back your presentation with data

When you’re in front of an enterprise client, just stating information won’t do any good. You need solid data and stats to back your statement.

You can mention use cases, surveys, graphs and numbers to capture your client’s attention.

It's proven that numbers can make a lasting impression when talking about sales or growth.

So, add relevant statistics to your presentation slides. Moreover, by mentioning a few use cases, you are providing practical implementation of your solution, which can leave a lasting impression.

4. Provide value by offering personalized solutions

One solution won’t work for all. When it comes to enterprise sales, you need to create a highly personalized sales pitch.

The more personalized your solution is, the more likely your enterprise client will get on board with your suggestions.

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For a hyper-personalized sales presentation, you need to cover these points while researching and creating the presentation -

  • Identify your client’s target audience and understand their behavior and preferences.
  • Study the entire marketing trend of that specific industry.
  • Understand your enterprise client’s entire business process.
  • Adress different stakeholders and their challenges to provide personalized solutions.
  • Find out the bottlenecks in the process.

Moreover, consider the company size, thoroughly understand their product or service and then create a solution that’s targeted towards different stakeholders of the company.

5. Pitch in your competitors before they do

Imagine this scenario – you are at the end of your sales presentation, and when it comes to the discussion part, your client mentions your competitor. Sounds awkward, doesn’t it?

In order to prevent this situation, you can mention your competitors before your client does. And while you’re doing that, ensure that you are not coming off as competitive.

Present an opinion that suggests healthy competition and focuses on your company’s USPs rather than your competitor’s negative points.

6. Share customer stories

Stories always connect well in presentation. People are drawn to others’ experiences, so you can share the success stories of your customers to grab their attention.

Instead of mentioning the features of your product, try diverting the focus on your past customers’ experience and feedback. You can create many inspiring customer stories from the feedback that you’ve received from your enterprise clients in the past.

On top of all, sharing customer stories feel more personal than just shedding light on specific features and their use cases.

7. Address their concerns

Once you’ve successfully presented your pitch, there would be follow-up questions, and in some cases, even objections.

In this scenario, you need to listen to your client’s concerns, understand their requirement and perspective, and try to resolve any queries that they might have.

For example, your client realizes that they need some additional features, so you need to check how it’ll impact their growth and if you’re providing said features, you can explain about that as well.

Moreover, if you provide solutions for their last-minute adjustments, you come across as someone that knows how to turn every objection into opportunity. So, by practicing this strategy, you’re solving problems and leaving a strong impact on your clients.

  • Handle objections
  • Listen to their concerns
  • Ask relevant follow-up questions
  • Provide a solution to the last-minute objections

8. Include a CTA

Don't assume that your customers know what to do once your presentation ends. Many salespeople make this mistake of not adding a CTA at the end because they assume that the client will automatically continue the conversation.

This is not the case. You need to guide them through the entire process. Do you want to book your next appointment with them? Ask for their availability. Want to know their decision? Convey it on the spot, or provide them some time to ponder upon it.

Anything you do, just ensure that you have planned out the next series of actions once the sales presentation ends and all the queries have been resolved.


A sales presentation isn’t as complex as it seems, even if you’re presenting in front of an enterprise client.

It reflects your company’s value towards your enterprise clients, so ensure it’s to the point, hyper-personalized, and solves multiple problems. You just need to be focused and create tailored sales presentation that is the right fit for your client.

About the author:

  • Raaquib Pathan is a content marketing specialist having expertise in providing insights into the latest sales and marketing trends. Honing his skills in SEO coupled with content marketing, he helps brands increase their reach and dominate search results. You can connect with him on Linkedin.
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