8 Spring Break Ideas That Are Better Than Cabo

Cabo is awesome, but not for everybody. Try something new and exciting, something that's out of the norm, something your parents won't be expecting. Trust me you'll be the real winner on Spring Break. Here's to making some spring break memories that don't include a drink and a teeny bikini.

1. Go on a road trip.

Grab your friends and your car and some snacks and head out on the open road. Stay in state. Go out of state. Rent a cheap hotel on the beach and hang out. Road trips equal tons of hours just spent with the people you care about swapping stories and making memories.

2. Go home.

Midterms are hard and sometimes you need a break. Go home and eat a good home cooked meal for the first time since Christmas. You deserve it.

3. Sleep.

You can do this anywhere, but I guess it’s always a good idea to mention it. Sleeping is the key to success. Do it often.

4. Go on an adventure.

Not the same as going on a road trip, going on an adventure could be anything from a day-cation to another city or to Disneyland or to the beach. You never know what’s going on off campus, so go explore.

5. Do all that stuff you didn’t have time for before.

Want to go to the museum? An art gallery? An amusement park? Go for it. You’ve got time now.

6. Watch a bunch of movies.

The Oscars just aired and if you’re anything like me you 100 percent did not know that "Spotlight" was even a movie. Now you do, and apparently it’s good. So go see it. Grab a friend or go alone. And not just "Spotlight." Go watch every movie you didn’t have time to watch before. And if you don't feel like leaving your bed (see #3), Netflix is there for you.

7. Eat.

"Cabo Bod" did not apply to you, and you should be happy about it. Go order a large pizza and some garlic bread and hang out.

8. Call your parents.

Just because you should. They miss you.

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