8 Small Steps To Get Healthy

8 Small Steps To Get Healthy

The task of striving to be more healthy can seem overbearing, and at times impossible, but it doesn't have to be!


After coming off a week of finals and now jumping into spring break, the time for relaxation is upon us. And what better way to spend this free time than in thinking of how to make your weeks more bearable? When having time to reflect on the stress of classes and seasons' past, it can only serve to benefit you more in the future to start thinking of ways to make yourself feel better now.

The task of striving to be more healthy can seem overbearing, and at times impossible. This is why the best way to go about doing this is like most things one step at a time! So here are some steps to help you get to start feeling more healthy, positive, and able to better yourself.

1. Do one thing purely to make yourself happy.

There is a lot to get done in the day, but here’s one thing to add to your endless to-do list. It’s important to practice self-care, even in the midst of being busy. So make sure you’re able to do a small activity to help give you a positive boost during the day. Maybe it’s painting your nails, having some ice cream, or taking an extra ten minutes in the shower. Do one thing that distracts you from your responsibilities because you deserve to have some enjoyment.

2. Minimize working and eating at the same time.

Though multitasking may seem like the way to go, it’s important not to stretch yourself too thin. Trying to balance eating and working at once is just not the way to go. They both require entire focus and if that’s not there, then you’re not doing the best job of completing either task. Get your work done and take a break to really enjoy your food. Then, once you’re content you’ll be refreshed to go back to work. Also, no one wants to eat cold food.

3. Stock up on frozen vegetables in your freezer.

To start eating healthy the best way is to start small. So instead of stocking up on pizza rolls or tater tots, try throwing some frozen vegetables in the freezer instead. Then when you’re looking for a nice snack or side dish, you’re good to go. You can feel free to get fresh ones as well, but this makes them last longer.

4. Swap out one beverage for a fruit based drink.

Whether it’s a smoothie, orange juice, etc., it’s important to get those fruits in there too! A simple switch for when you would typically have water is a good way to do it. It’ll give a nice boost of calcium, and antioxidants to put a positive, non-chemical or caffeine induced step in your day!

5. Try to add a workout to your weekly schedule.

It can be so hard to squeeze in exercise as a part of your normal schedule. Just like adding in new foods, it’s best to start small. Try to go to one yoga class or Zumba session. Notice how you’re feeling after you go. It might just motivate you to try to make it a part of your weekly routine.

6. Save social media time for before you go to bed.

It can be tempting to look at your phone to distract from work or momentarily while you’re hanging with friends. Try to limit that to your down time before you go to bed. It’ll not only limit how much time you spend on social media but help you catch up on the happenings of the world in a destressing and calm way. You still get your check in right before you’re ready to snooze to your heart’s content.

7. Have at least one unexpected long conversation with a loved one.

It may not seem like much, but it can make a huge difference. Being able to pull up a chair or a phone over a drink or food as you blow off steam can be so comforting. It’s important to feel like your day is worth getting through and this can remind that you ultimately will get through it. Make sure to take time out of your day to do so because chances are they’re needing to take a break as well.

8. Make one big homemade meal for the week.

This is a great timesaver and a way for you to stay healthy. If you’re able to set aside time for one day, you can make a great meal with tons of leftovers. This way every night for the week you have a nice meal to look forward to without having to do any work at all.

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