Last year, I could get four hours of sleep, go to class all day and still be ready to go out at night. Now I want to stay in even if I've done nothing but sleep all day. What gives?

1. Pulling all-nighters is so much harder.

There were times freshman year when I would stay up all night just because my friends were doing it and I wanted in on the fun (tbd if freshman me was sane). Now I think it's a horrible day when I'm doing work past midnight.

2. But so is napping.

Although I've recently found it much harder to stay up all night than I used to, I also find it harder to nap. There was a period of time in my life when I could nap anytime, anywhere and still be ready to sleep again by bedtime. Seriously, I once slept for probably 3/4 of a four day RV drive from Michigan to Yellowstone. Now I can't nap unless I'm exhausted, and even then have to plan it out to make sure I don't wake up too close to actual bed time.

3.You'd much rather watch a movie than go to a huge party.

I've always been a little bit like this, but lately, going to parties has seemed like so much effort. Why can't we all just watch a movie together? I'd also be down to go to a chill bar or play board games. But please, no more parties with horrible music.

4. You clean voluntarily.

Last week, I mopped my entire apartment simply because I was bored and decided that our floors were dirty. Then, when I still didn't have anything to do, I scrubbed down the bathroom. You know you're getting really old when you realize that the slight pain of cleaning is so totally worth living in a clean home.

5. If you're not in bed by 11, you're having a bad night.

Again, I'm mad if I have to stay up past 12 or 1 a.m., but 11 is really my favorite time to go to sleep. It's late enough that it still feels respectable, yet early enough that you get lots and lots of sleep! Freshman year me would not approve of this decision, however.

6. On that note, you start waking up earlier and earlier.

Which comes first, going to bed earlier because you're tired from waking up early, or waking up early because you go to bed early?

7. You walk by a group of freshmen and think that they must be like, 16.

This happened today. I was horrified to realize that they're only 4 years younger than me.

8. You start realizing that your parents are always right.

Parents are really good at saying the last thing you would ever want to hear, and high schoolers are really good at arguing away this advice. But, as you get older, you start to realize that parents really do tend to know what's best, and that's really scary.

Face it, guys. We're getting old.