8 Signs You're A Fitness Addict

For years, I've struggled with my self esteem and how I viewed my body compared to others, so I took it upon myself to start working out and eating right in the hopes that it'll somehow change the way I view myself. In a way, that happened. I lost the weight I was ashamed of for so many years and I began to see my body changing in the direction I had dreamed of. But more importantly, I started to love working out. I started to love how I felt during my work outs and after them, and I started to love how the endless types of ways I could spice up my work outs.

So, if you're anything like me and love fitness more than anything else, then I'm positive you'll be able to relate to the following!

1. Your day is scheduled around what time you're hitting the gym. It's not the other way around.

I honestly feel like my day hasn't started until I get my one hour in.

2. It's all about progress.

There's nothing more addictive than seeing how your body has changed over the course of a few weeks.

3. You may or may not spend too much money on work out clothes because well, why not?

Let's be real here: looking cute while you work out is kind of super important.

4. Your mental health has benefited greatly.

Ever since I started to engage in physical activity, my mental health has never been better. My confidence in myself has increased to the point where I find myself not doubting myself as much.

5. You look forward to getting your adrenaline pumping more than anything.

That post work out feeling is one of the best.

6. You feel shitty if you go a day without working out.

Enough said.

7. You own far too many sneakers; each one with it's own purpose!

You have one pair for running, another for lifting, and one just because it's cute.

8. Having a friend ask if they can work out with you is a huge compliment.

Work out? With me? Yes!

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