To my fellow suffering college students- well, I say that but we all know we're thriving right now... and we also all know that the struggle season is around the corner.

So now more than ever, it's totally okay to watch TV and not feel bad about it.

I don't know about you guys, but I usually find it pretty hard to find a great TV show to commit to and watch. And when I do find that show, it's hard for me to let go, no matter how bad the writing gets. Since I really miss being able to put off work by just catching up on my favorite shows, I thought I would compile a short list of the shows that bring me happiness at the stage in my life. Yes, some of them might be cringey, but they're really great distractors from my otherwise hectic schedule. And some of them are discontinued or just not ~new~, but they're still great. These shows aren't listed in order of favorite-ness, so don't worry about the number.

1. "Teen Wolf".

Hands down, one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Teen Wolf ended in 2017 after six seasons, but all six were absolutely amazing. Most TV shows that are longer than a few seasons usually experience the epidemic of bad writing, but not this one, thankfully. I know you probably looked at the title and immediately judged it because of the motif of werewolves, but it is truly a dynamic show with a great story arc in each season. And no, not all of it is hyperfocused on teen angst or space-filler romance. Not to mention, it has some dang good people in it: Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden, and Tyler Posey. But we're all just here for Dylan O'Brien. 10000/10 recommend.

2) "The Flash".

If you're into action mixed with family drama, this show is for you. The Flash is centered around the DC superhero world and includes great elements of both punchy-fighty things. The writers are great at creating new arcs and storylines, but I'll be honest- if I don't consistently watch, I kinda forget things that happen in past seasons. 10/10 recommend for fellow superhero fans who aren't able to sit through a two-to-three hour Marvel movie to get their fill.

3) "Supernatural".

Ah, an oldie but a goodie. This one's a bit iffy in terms of perfect writing but if you got attached to it as early as I did, you'd agree with my loyalty. That being said, I would appreciate it if a female character or a character of color could stay alive longer than like, 7 episodes. Anyways...just two brothers saving people, hunting things, the family business. The earlier seasons have great horror/suspense content because there are more monsters and case-based hunts. But later seasons tend to follow the Biblical arc and most of the characters end up either being angels or demons apart from the two human brothers, so take that into mind if you're super anti-that. But a 9/10 recommend. Start it before it ends: it's been 14 years in the running, and they're ending after season 15, so join the fam now.

4) "Arrow".

Another great DC-based show focused on the rich boy-turned vigilante Oliver Queen. Big money, entitlement, and violence. Definitely, a super interesting show because there's the perfect mix of vengeance/revenge, wrongs being righted, family drama, mafia involvement, and just general outsmarting the law. Another oldie but a goodie that ending after the next season, so jump on the bandwagon. The writing's great...most of the time, but I'm too attached to let go. Strong female leads and LGBT+ representation, so it's definitely a show for all.

5) "The Office".

I don't know many people about the age of 14 who haven't watched this show, so if you're actually not aware of this show. I would say it's a show generally for older teens because there is a bit of non-family friendly content, but that's honestly just part of growing up so...the humor of it makes sense. This show is honestly perfect for background noise while you're studying or cleaning or just...staring into the distance. This is just one of those shows that you have to watch- otherwise, you're always going to be left out of this big inside joke that everyone else is in on. Seasons 2-5 are the best, and seasons 7-9 are kinda a drag, but overall a solid 9/10.

6) "Parks and Recreation".

This show is just 100% pure wholesomeness and good. Ok, maybe like 87% because there is some content that's iffy, BUT it's so pure and great and just wonderful. I would say it's a good background, but I feel like you're super likely to just actually watch the show even if you don't intend to when you turn it on. If only politicians were truly this good-hearted and well-intending. Also, a must-watch show if you're a human being. 10/10 recommend.

7) "The Fosters".

This was another fantastic family-drama TV show that sadly ended in 2018, but every single season was perfect. It highlighted the inequalities faced by foster kids, immigrants, DACA recipients, and non-traditional families. This show was co-produced by J-Lo, so you know there's Latinx representation, LGBT+ representation, and strong women all around. Be prepared to shed tears, if your emotions are that easily swayed. I would consider myself to be on the more stone-cold side when it comes to watching sad things, but I can honestly say that I cried after every episode. 1000000000/10 recommend.

8) "How to Get Away with Murder".

Picture this: a criminal-defense law professor and a special group of law students called the Keating 5, composed of the best and brightest political-minded people. Weirdly enough, these meddling kids somehow get away with murder time after time after time. It's close sometimes, but I guess you'll have to watch to see if they actually get caught. (Full disclosure, my friend who is obsessed with this show helped me write this, but she was super insistent that I include it. Go watch it. "It's great for people interested in defense law."