8 Things Seniors Are ACTUALLY Thinking About Just Months From Graduation

8 Things Seniors Are ACTUALLY Thinking About Just Months From Graduation

Pinterest has your sparkly DIY ideas for your $100,000 grad cap.


As graduation is slowly approaching, seniors might be thinking what they want to display on their grad caps. This is definitely a hard decision because we don't know whether to be super hilarious, super sarcastic, a straight a**hole, or serious about our degree and what got us to this day.

As much as we like to sugarcoat our time in college, this is what we are actually thinking while walking across that stage.


We all can't wait for the day where we don't have to stay up late stuDYING, and deal with our roomie's bs...This is the time to be free.

2. Even though I was drunk 70% of my time, still made it

This is the ultimate truth about our college career.

3. The best better be yet to come because I just dug myself into a loan-hole

A truthful spin on "The Best is Yet to Come."

4. Thanks, mom, and dad!...ya know...for all those money transfers

We all like to display how our parents are the GOAT sometimes...but they really do come in clutch

5. "Four Years Later" and thousands of dollars in debt later

That would give the audience a good laugh...Especially those goat parents

6. Feeling like a B.A. B*TCH with this degree

All those days I slayed exams hunger over as shit...I'm a freakin' badass.

7. My $100,000 hat!

All you physically get is a hat and diploma... Go you!

8. "The One Where I Graduate"...and become a broke a** b*tch

Friends had such a clever idea, but let's be real here

Now you might think flowers, some sparkles, and a cute Pinterest quote might suit your cap...But I promise these are 100x better.

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