8 Reasons Why You Should Donate/Help The Devastation In Gatlinburg, TN, Caused By The Wildfires

8 Reasons Why You Should Donate/Help The Devastation In Gatlinburg, TN, Caused By The Wildfires

The wildfires in Gatlinburg, TN have caused such tragedy and devastation, that it is our duty to help in any way we can.

Hopefully you have all heard about the devastating tragedies going on around the Southeastern part of the United States, particularly Gatlinburg, TN, regarding the out of control wildfires. Here are a few reason why anyone not affected should find a way to help. At the bottom of this list I will provide a link to a website with a list of ways to donate, so please read on.

1. Gatlinburg, TN, is a beloved winter vacation spot for people from all around the world. This small, yet beautiful town is filled with family oriented attractions and amazing scenery. This one little town has enough Christmas spirit to compete with the big NYC. However, because of the wildfires, much of the beautiful scenery, attractions, and uniqueness in this town have been damaged greatly or are completely destroyed. We should all try to donate so that this beautiful place continues to be everyone's top pick for their annual winter vacations.

2. Because this town harbors so much Christmas spirit, the holidays are one of the biggest financial seasons for them. Think of all the business owners and employees who will suffer because their place of business has burned to the ground. We should all try to donate so we can bring back the businesses that have been lost or damaged.

3. Christmas is just around the corner, and because of these wildfires, countless families have lost their homes and everything they own, including their newly bought Christmas presents. Imagine the suffering these families are enduring through these next few months, through the holidays, which is supposed to be the best time of the year. Let's all try to contribute to making their Christmas a little more enjoyable in this time of tragedy.

4. For all you animal lovers out there, let's consider the wildlife lost in these fires. Thankfully, the Ripley's Aquarium was safe and no animals were harmed, but what about the animals with no place to go? The countless trees that burned to the ground served as habitats for dozens of animals. More than just people have lost lives and homes. Wildlife will be greatly affected by these wildfires and have no voice. Let's not forget our furry friends when we decide to help.

5. Christmas is the season of giving. What better cause to give to? These people, animals and town have lost everything. Let's help make their season merry and bright, like most of ours will be.

6. Most people are already online this time of year shopping, and most stay on their phones 24/7. That is how easy it is to donate. You can donate to the American Red Cross simply by getting online or sending a text message.

7. Think about if this happened to you. What would you hope for from other people? I am a true believer in "you get back what you put into this world." You put good into the world, you get good back out of the world.

8. We can't forget the people currently helping the situation. The firefighters, National Guard, police officers, EMT, volunteers, American Red Cross, etc., that have valiantly risked their lives and sacrificed their time and safety to help the cause. They deserve so much thanks, gratitude, and most importantly, help from those that can!

So that's just a few of the many reasons why you should help/donate to help Gatlinburg in this time of crisis. Please look below to see how you can donate/help, and please consider this. Oh, and thank God for all your many blessings, your safety, and your family, because this can happen to any of us, at any moment.


Cover Image Credit: The Tennessean News: Kim Hester

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