It may be only February but I am so over these winter vibes and could care less about spring. Cold weather is a bust. School work is a bust. If it is ever nice out, it’s probably in the middle of a Tuesday while i’m in class with the shades pulled down. The sun is therapeutic and I desperately need some vitamin C. I could also use some vitamin SEA with the sand between my toes and music blaring. I just can’t wait for…

1. Beach days

Toes in the sand, beach waves in my hair, music playing while I kay out without a care in the world. What more could I ask for?

2. Pool parties

Blasting music, happy people, and boys doing stupid things like attempting back tucks off of yeti coolers. Sounds perfect to me.

3. Tan lines

I am sick and tired of looking like Casper the angry ghost. It’s time to lay out until I’m a different race.

4. Outdoor country concerts

What’s better than tailgates, cold beers, and country music on a warm summer night? Uh, nothing?

5. Actually, any outdoor concert really…

Let’s rave.

6. No more school work

It may be only a month into the semester, but I’m already stressing and over it.

7. Shorts weather

I love sundresses, rompers, and high wasted shorts with a crop top. I also love being able to feel the sun on my skin when wearing them. Basically, I I've for warm weather.

8. Long drives

Whether it’s early in the morning for day trips or late at night to absolutely nowhere, long drives with loud music and/or good conversation are always a perfect way to spend time.