Ergonomics is a type of applied science related to designing and arranging things to help people use them with more safety, efficiency and comfort. Ergonomic products could reduce your risk of musculoskeletal disorders, plus help you stay more focused and productive.

Prices accurate at time of posting, subject to change.

1. MoKo Universal Foldable Keyboard

This keyboard is perfect for times when you're typing on something that doesn't have a physical keyboard, such as a tablet. Besides an ergonomic design, it offers Bluetooth connectivity to sync it with all the devices you use most.

You can recharge its built-in lithium battery by plugging the keyboard into a USB port. Also, there's no need to worry about accidentally leaving the keyboard turned on after you finish working and draining the power. That's because it automatically turns off when you fold the keyboard closed.

Price: $25.99

2. Eureka Ergonomic Footrest

This footrest has a "floating" design that allows you to adjust the angle of the top platform from 0-20 degrees depending on your needs. The assembly-free footrest does not need tools so you can set it under your desk as soon as it arrives and start feeling more comfortable.

The surface on top has a massaging texture and the scratch-resistant feet protect the floors of your dorm room or apartment.

Price: $36.05

3. A Higher Ground Laptop Case

Higher Ground offers a wide range of thoughtfully made cases to keep your laptop protected whether you're toting it to class or bringing it to a study session at the library. Most of the cases have both shoulder straps and top handles, letting you choose the preferred way to carry it for the best comfort and weight distribution.

Also, if you choose a work-from-the-case option like the DataKeeper, the laptop always stays protected and you can set the case on a flat surface and rest assured it stays upright as you get stuff done.

Price: $22.95 and up

4. Duramont Adjustable Office Chair

Once you have a footrest like the one above, the next thing to do to get closer to full-body comfort is to invest in an office chair. After all, you'll likely be at your desk while studying, checking your social media feeds and watching streaming media or playing video games.

This chair is a great choice because it has six adjustable parts that let you tweak things ranging from the backrest angle to the position of the lumbar support.

The casters on the bottom also make it easier to move when reaching for things. You can slide across the floor instead of straining to reach a stapler that's several feet away, for example.

Price: $239.99

5. AboveTEK Magnetic iPhone/iPad Stand

Despite the specificity in its name, this stand accommodates any tablet or smartphone. It offers 360-degree rotation and has a 150-degree folding arm. Both of these characteristics make it simple to put your tablet or smartphone in the ideal position to avoid craning your neck or getting in another uncomfortable position when trying to watch your favorite series.

The hands-free design also makes it ideal to use when doing a video call to stay in touch with friends or family members.

Price: $37.00

6. miggo Pictar One Mark II

Thanks to this smartphone grip that makes your smartphone look and feel more like a real camera, you won't have to worry about the phone slipping out of your hands while taking an all-important selfie. The ergonomic grip lets you keep a firm hold with one hand, even while wearing gloves. It's compatible with many iPhone models and several leading kinds of Android phones.

Plus, this product from the Pictar line has five external controls including a multistate shutter button and a zoom ring. They let you make the adjustments needed for your next perfect shot without fumbling with the onscreen controls built into your smartphone. This gadget also comes with a wrist strap, helping you carry it without hassles.

Price: $99.99

7. Logitech MX Vertical Advanced Ergonomic Mouse

Do you frequently wonder why your wrist hurts after using the computer even if you haven't done heavy-duty typing? The problem could be that you're using a non-ergonomic mouse. The product description for this alternative claims that it reduces muscle strain by 10% by keeping your hand in a position that mimics the one you use to shake hands.

The 57-degree vertical angle reduces wrist strain and there is a rest for your thumb. Thanks to the advanced optical tracking technology, a scroll wheel and a dedicated cursor speed switch, you can enjoy four times less hand movement, too.

Price: $99.99

8. Rocelco ADR Standing Desk Converter

The hazards of a sedentary lifestyle are well-documented and it's smart to try and maintain an active lifestyle while you're still young to get into a lifelong habit. This standing desk converter sits on top of a standard desk and acts as a computer riser that puts your machine at the proper height to allow you to stand while using it.

Adjust it to one of five heights and rely on the included keyboard tray to find the best position whether you're sitting down or standing up. Now, the next time you want to stretch your legs while working, you don't even have to interrupt your workflow. Just stand up, raise the computer and keep going as you take advantage of the benefits of weight bearing.

Price: $150.95 on Amazon

Getting the most from your gadgets shouldn't cause pain but it can if you stay in a position that puts too much stress on your body or leaves it in poor alignment for extended periods. These tech products are ideal for use throughout the semester and during academic breaks to help you stay productive and comfortable while keeping a high-tech lifestyle.