8 Healthy Habits College Kids Need To Form

8 Healthy Habits College Kids Need To Form

Dear college kids, dress for the weather. This is Minnesota for Pete's sake!

So, first you try and tell us how to be professional, and now you are trying to tell us how to be healthy? Didn't you just post a picture of a chimichanga covered in queso? Hey now! Moderation is key. But trust me, this is as much as it is advice for you as it is for me. And, what do I even know? I'm just a college freshman. So, let me continue my little spree of giving tips and tricks for things college kids need to learn. This time, it's all about health.

1. Dress for the weather

I know that cropped sweatshirt and jean skirt look adorable for game day, but Liam from Alpha Chi won’t think you are so cute when you have a 100-degree fever and snot running down your nose for the next week and a half. Get it together kids! Both boys and girls have this problem. I see guys around campus in just a light sweatshirt when it is 20 degrees with heavy wind. Wear a jacket! Trust me, you’ll thank me when you aren’t sick.

2. Get enough sleep

This is so important. Many college kids sacrifice sleep way too often. Lack of sleep is detrimental to your health, especially if you are sick. Make sure to get an extra hour of sleep. There are studies that prove that an extra hour of sleep can help more than an hour of crappy study time at 4 AM.

3. Taking a Saturday to study instead of party

Sometimes you are in a crunch and you need to sacrifice your beloved Saturday night to study away. Get over your FOMO, there are more Saturdays to come. Less homework on Sunday, and having a quality assignment to turn in will be worth it, I promise.

4. Learn to handle stress

This is something that will make or break your future. If you can’t handle stress, then you will have a hard time surviving college. Self love is so important, and you need to make sure that you take a little you time each week, or day, to help manage stress. Whether it means you let yourself watch an episode of your favorite show once a week, or paint your nails, meditate, do a small yoga flow, again, the possibilities are endless.. There are so many options. Nothing has to be big, schedule time for yourself once a week just to unwind, by yourself. This will help you take a moment and breathe. This paired with time management and planning will easily decrease unnecessary stress in your life.

5. Work Out

I suck at this one, completely suck at it. But, at last, we are reaching the ages of adulthood, and with that, our great teenage metabolisms are fleeting. It’s time to set the chips and salsa down and go hit the rec. Take classes, find what fits you best. Whether that be 20 minutes on the elliptical with a small ab workout, some heavy lifting, interval training, hot yoga, cycling class. Make it work for you, and you will be happier once you get on track.

6. Eating Right and Keeping Hydrated!

This goes with the last one. We can’t keep eating fries and pizza every night (even though that is the only, somewhat edible item in the dining hall). Get some greens up in there, healthy fats, watch those sugars. Woohoo, healthy! We got this, we can do this. Watch the Starbucks Frappuccinos, and only Macdons like once a month. Do not forget to hydrate! Keeping hydrated and having the right kinds of nutrients in your body is so detrimental for many things, such as: your skin, your digestive health, and to stay alive, to name a few. WATER WATER WATER! or die!

7. Time Management

(First, please appreciate this hardworking doggo.) I know this was mentioned in my last article, but from planners, to time management, planning in advance will make your life so much easier. Keep a calendar, whether it be in your planner or on your phone. Color code it. Make it pretty, whatever keeps you coming back to it so you can keep ahead of the game. At the beginning of the semester, schedule out all of your exams. If you don’t know the time, at least plan the day. You will thank me later when that exam doesn’t sneak up on you. Plan out just how much it will take each day to complete that large paper. It will be worth it.

8. Find the balance

This won’t come easy. I don’t have it yet either. But, you have to find the balance. How many times can you workout a week? How many hours should you study each day? When are you most productive? What meals work best for you? What are you doing to destress? Keep these all in mind, and you will figure it out. Make an effort to figure out your balance, but don’t obsess over it.

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Cover Image Credit: Photo by Brandi Redd on Unsplash

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A Thank You Letter To My Morning Coffee

Because where would I be without you?

Dear morning coffee,

Thank you for being there for me before everyone else. For being there for me when I’m tired and grumpy and for always making everything better. I know I can be touchy at times. I mean, a girl needs her caffeine. You have been there for me through it all, early mornings in high school and now all-nighters in college. There have been times that I’ve walked around double fisting coffees, finals week am I right.

No matter, you have been the constant in my life, you have seen me through it all.

Through all the rough mornings where I quite literally looked like a mess, to the nights that lasted too long. Test after test, you have been there to get me through it, you have made sure that I was caffeinated enough to function and ace those tests. Though there are times where you end up mostly on my shirt because I’m a klutz but you’re still there for me.

You’re there for me in every form, latte, cappuccino, black coffee, and even a mocha.

Every day for years you have been the constant in my life, the constant that I know I’ll see every morning. You have become the highlight of my mornings. Without you, I don’t know what I would do. I know I’m not the only who realizes how great that you are and are beyond grateful for all that you give us.

Pretty much every college student realizes how much you provide us with, essentially the life that we need to get through it all. In the ones that aren’t in college are even in coffee’s debt and will forever be grateful for it. Morning coffee has become this sort of ritual that almost everyone goes through, it is the way that we are able to function.

So, thank you morning coffee, thank you for always being there for me to brighten my mornings and for helping me get through all those hard times. And thank you for the support you always give me through all those weeks of all-nighters and finals.

So once again thank you morning coffee to make sure that this is not how I always look.

Cover Image Credit: Ashley Jordan

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