Eight Best Benefits of Archery

Eight Best Benefits of Archery

Benefits of Archery


In archery, one needs focus, precision, control, physical ability, and determination. We find athletes on the top who train every day for long hours. But, even if you use archery for a recreational purpose, it can have great effects on your health.

Indoors or outdoors, competitively or socially, even if it is a stationary sport, it gets you active, burns your calories, and puts you in a better state of mind.

Here, we have compiled a good list of eight health benefits of archery for you!


No matter what your age or gender is or how able you are, you can practice archery. When you physically draw the bow, it expends energy, and so does walking to and from the target to pick up the arrows.

During the London Olympics of 2012, The Economist performed a comparison between the winners of Olympic gold archers and 10 minutes of other activities. It was observed that a male archer, who tops the Olympic podium, burns an approximate of 1,084 calories. This is only 747 calories less than that of a woman in a marathon, but it is more than 1,054 calories of a 100-meter men's sprint. Even though the timeline is different, the point is quite evident.

In different tournaments, it is seen that the archers walk around, roughly, 8 kilometers i.e. 5 miles, on each day. This can help burn 100 to 150 calories every 30 minutes.


Archery is such an exercise that requires short moments of energy bursts from the core muscle. Pulling the bowstring puts the tension on chest, hands, arms, and the large upper back muscles. It even effects some of the non-core areas of the body like the rotator cuffs (these support the shoulders). With correct use and repetition of this exercise helps in strengthening these tissues.


Distractions are not a good thing when it comes to archery. Archers need to learn to maintain their focus during their shot routine. All the disruptions i.e. wind, distance, noise and the competition, requires ignorance to carry out the perfect arrow towards the target. This kind of control on one's mind makes a great impact in various areas of a person's life.


A good shot does not just happen randomly, with wayward thoughts running around your head. The steps that are required for a good shot combines a high precision routine. This routine has to be ingrained in the subconscious and the muscle memory of the archer. Because of so many distractions, and so much happening around the archer, there is a very small room for error. All these factors affect the movements and make them almost instinctive.


Learning archery is easy, but the mastering it is difficult. Though archery is a fun sport, it is quite frustrating. Hence, practicing patience is an essential trait one should have or should develop, for a long-term in the sport. The determination of repeating the precise shot repeatedly is what makes you a better archer; ultimately, making you a better person.


Pressure is something many of us have trouble dealing with. When under pressure, archer maintains their calm and stay accurate by managing their breathing, concentration, and nervousness. You will notice that when you are shooting well the time passes by quite quickly. Though the sport is sociable, when you are on the line, the only thing that matters is you and your bow. This is the perfect time to perform some internal meditation.

Self Confidence

As human beings, we are our biggest foe. Even in a competition that is prevalent. Hence, identification of what you need to improve, and setting up a clear goal is quite easy. Results are all based on easily measurable scores. When there is progression, confidence automatically breeds itself. Thus, the best sport that helps you measure your confidence in archery.


There are not many sports that allow the top archer to compete with someone who new to it. Archery tournaments are usually without any barriers. This allows friendships to grow between people from all lifestyles. There is no knowing whom you will be competing next.

Now that we are done with the health benefits of archery. Let's take a trip to the fundamentals of archery that need to be kept in mind as well.

Since archery is a sport, when done correctly, draws on the core strength of the body and the ability to repeat the same motion repeatedly. Top archers are fit from both sides of their body, not just the side that draws the string.

Hence, it important for archers to have a well-balanced that utilizes the following:

  • Stretching
  • Cardio
  • Strength Training

Here is what we suggest, don't just pump the iron, and follow the following tips!

  • Stretch, Stretch & Stretch

In archery, stretching is essential. Why? Because you are lifting and pulling the weights to draw on the bow. If you draw on a 20-pound bow with cold muscles, you will end up with an injury, or at the very least soreness. To assist you with stretching, you can start by getting a stretch band from a local archery shop.

It is advised that you use a lightweight stretch band that has less resistance. Tie the band at the approximate draw of your bow and use it for practicing your shot. For an extra stretch shoot with the stretch band in front of the mirror. This will help you in stretching your muscle and perfect your archery technique.

  • Your heart is your strength!

We know that archery is a stationary sport. However, that does not mean that you can let cardio slip by. In reality, the archers who have a lower resting heart are able to perform much better in competitions. As recreational or a professional archer, you will most likely feel the thrill and excitement of wanting to hit the perfect target. Hence, cardio is necessary to manage the nerves, and it makes you feel stronger when the less fit archers start slackening. Just about 30 minutes of cardio i.e. walking, jogging, swimming or aerobics, 4 to 5 days a week will help you in bringing down your heart rate when you are under pressure.

  • The core of the Archer!

At the core of a great archer, there is a group of nice strong core muscles. For you to be able to shoot a bow, you need to be flexible and strong in terms of the big muscles, because these will be doing most of the work. For example, the lower trapezius does the heavy lifting when you draw on the bow; the abdominals and the latissimus dorsi does the work of keeping you stable and keeps your shoulders low and relaxed when raising the bow. The question is how you can work on those core muscles.

First, you can consider getting a stability ball. It helps provide a great workout routine and makes the exercise time fun and challenging. Another tool that you can use is an archery kit that would include a ball, balance discs, and a foam sticks. You can use these to strengthen your core since these tools are designed for the archers.

Maybe it's time to get into archery, with such benefits, and a great workout regime, one can enhance their health and even lose a little weight. Strengthen yourself physically and mentally with archery, a quite beneficial feat.

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Digital Versus Physical Games

Do you prefer digital or physical games? Everyone has their preference.


In the gaming world, more and more of it is going online. You can now purchase and download video games digitally versus buying them physically. I had bought some games digitally myself when the price was right, but I still prefer buying them on discs whenever possible. Most gamers have a mix of physical and digital games in their collections.

Pros to Digital Games

No changing, losing, or damaging discs.

If you don't feel like getting up to change discs when you switch games, that could be a reason you might opt to purchase video games digitally. You also do not need to worry about misplacing or scratching a digital game or having a kid or pet break or scratch the disc. So if you are one to lose or break your video game discs, maybe you should consider buying more games digitally.

Earlier access to games upon release.

For those who want to be able to play an upcoming game as soon as the clock strikes midnight, buying a digital game may be a better option for you. You can usually download games hours ahead of time and access it once it's midnight local time. Most retailers that sell video games close at 9-9:30 pm. Depending on the game and retailer, you may be able to pick up a physical copy or digital code of a game the night before it's official release date if your local retailer is authorized to do an early release. So you can still at least start to download a game before midnight.

Cross-buy and game sharing.

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Pros to Physical Games

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If you buy a physical copy of a video game, you can return, sell, or trade it in if you need some cash or want to purchase another video game. When you buy a game digitally, you are stuck with it. Xbox supposedly lets you get refunds on games you have played for less than 2 hours. You can erase the game and save data from your system to free up hard drive space, but you'll always have the game in your purchase history.

Physical games take up less memory.

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7 Metrics to Pay Attention to For Your Social Media Campaign

Social Media Campaign


Social media marketing cannot solely make your business get where you want it to be. You need to know the impact that the campaigns you have so far carried out has on your business. The reason as to why it is essential to have a social media tracker in play. It will help you in collecting data regarding how your campaigns are performing. Collection of such data is not merely procedural; it has some weight to it. You must analyze it.

Social sharing analytics, for instance, will help you discern which campaign activities you will channel your resources to. They will also guide you when strategizing, and this way you can be able to improve the number of shares you are getting from your Facebook marketing posts and heave your returns on investment.

The following are metrics you have probably been brushing off but need to give attention.

1. Likes and reactions to your post

For any fruitful marketing strategy, the response and likes should be evaluated. Why so? It tells you a lot. It is through this metric that you will have a clue of where your audience interests lie and it will also help you to determine the type of content you should be having in future. This metric will help you to make better decisions when sending content to different audiences. It will stop you from doing blind campaigns.

2. Keeping track of mentions

Why is monitoring mentions essential? The mentions are a direct connection to your leads. It is time to give some attention to those notifications that you continually get when your audience tags you on a particular post. Also, the mentions will lead you to more detailed reactions. There are third-party tools that can help you keep track of your mentions in case you fail to get direct tags.

3. Audience Demographics

It is one of the most important metrics that you cannot afford to ignore. Audience demographics will give you detailed information concerning your audience. This information will, in turn, assist you in making more informed decisions in light of your social media marketing campaigns.

As the number of shares and followers increase and vice versa, you will know whether your efforts with the sponsored posts were worth your while, and you will make a proper discernment on whether to invest in more paid ads or discontinue.

Various aspects of your fan base will also help you to strategize and produce content they would be more interested in. Social media platforms will provide you a means by which you will be able to have a look at the overview of your audience.

4. Comments and replies

There is no better way of finding out whether your audience finds your content interesting or exciting. The comment section is where you need to visit to find out what your audience wants. The beauty of it is that you are getting direct feedback. It will come in handy when you need to know where you went right or wrong on a particular campaign or post.

5. Content being shared

The material or posts being shared are a reflection of how the audience behold your content. Highly shared content can be interpreted to it being of help and interest to the audience. A high rate of shares means that there is a corresponding growth in the reach.

6. Audience growth rate

Maybe the most obvious measurement to quantify your performance. The audience growth rate at different periods of your marketing campaigns will tell you whether you are doing good or not. An analysis of this data will help you strategize for your next campaign effectively.

7. Most favorable time for engagement

Last but not least, you need to keep an eye on the most opportune time to engage your clients. It will significantly help in saving your time and money. How so? By viewing your daily audience activities, you can tell how the engagement hours shift with time. Such knowledge will equip you in customizing your strategies and post your content at the most optimal time: giving you a better return on investment.

If you use the mentioned metrics, you will notice a significant improvement in your marketing campaigns and the number of followers you get.

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