8 Habits Everyone Needs In Their Morning Routine

8 Habits Everyone Needs In Their Morning Routine

It's time to start making your bed.


Many of us hate mornings-- but they're inevitable. Luckily, there are ways to overcome this (somewhat) irrational hatred. Here are some helpful tips to follow to make the first 1/3 of your day a little more likable.

1. Make yourself some damn coffee.

If you ride the tea-train, that’s fine too. Either way, allow yourself a soothing, warm drink to look forward to each morning. I know personally, when I wake up groggy and pissed off on a Monday morning, nothing tells me “it’s gonna be okay, Michelle” quite like the smell of coffee does.

2. Make your bed.

Once you make your bed, you’ve conquered the first task of the day. Once you conquer one task, you can conquer second and the third and the fourth, and before you know it, it’ll be nighttime and you’ll have had yourself quite the successful day. Plus, there’s something to be said about climbing into a neatly, tightly made bed at night before going to sleep.

3. Open the blinds!

Nothing about a dark room with a cozy bed will make you want to get up and get after it. Go to bed with the blinds open and the sun will be a friend and help you get your ass up.

4. Make a list.

Write down a handful of realistic goals for the day. Writing them down and seeing them written will help you stick to them.

5. Eat. Breakfast.

Fight the lack of an appetite that can coincide with getting up and eat! Get those taste buds activated and avoid embarrassing stomach growls later.

6. Diffuse some essential oils!

The chilling scent of peppermint in the morning will without question help wake you up.

7. Check your email.

Have a class to get to? A meeting to attend? A party to get to? Check your email and make sure it hasn’t been cancelled. You're welcome.

8. Give yourself enough time.

Don’t wake up 15 minutes to get somewhere that takes a 10 minute commute. Everyone can tell you just rolled out of bed.

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