8 Things Girls Who Love Football Know Too Well

Football is so not a man's game. Girls love it too, and when someone talks to us about football, it's clear that we know our stuff. Sometimes, being a girl who likes football can be tricky, but it also comes in handy in certain situations. It scares people, impresses people, and makes you feel confident AF. Here are the 8 things girls who love football know too well.

1. Constantly being asked how you know football so well

Some people are shocked when a girl starts spitting out football info, but to you, it's an every day occurrence. It's not like you sit around studying it (unless you do it for fun). It came naturally over the years.

2. You feel confident when you talk football with the boys

If you're a girl who can talk football, guys will pay attention. Let's be honest, there's nothing better than commanding attention anywhere, and that's so true when you can run with the conversation no one expected you to jump in on.

3. You're emotionally invested in your team

Rumor has it that women are more emotional than men, but when it comes to sports, no one can call anyone emotional. Everyone gets emotional watching their team, but girls who love football bring that extra passion to the game that no one else can.

4. Your dad is most proud of you for your football knowledge

Straight A student? That's nice. Beautiful? Always. Athlete? Nifty. A daughter who can rattle off football stats without batting an eyelash? Priceless and never to be taken for granted.

5. You can't hang out on Saturdays (or Sundays) because the game is on

You recognize Game Day as a weekly holiday, and you know if you don't watch, your team will lose. If somehow you get coerced into leaving the house, the game better be on and within your line of sight at all times.

6. You own literally every article of clothing imaginable in support of your team

Every day of the week, you have some clothing item on that shows your support for your team. On Game Day, you have no idea what to wear because you have at least one of everything. You're always available to lend clothes to the girls because you harbor your own personal football apparel vault.

7. You teach all of your friends

Because you know football so well, your friends ask for your knowledge often. You do your best to explain, but it takes years of studying to become fluent. However, you are patient because you want to talk football with the girls too.

8. You use it to your advantage in your career and life

You recognize that you have a unique skill. Need to strike up a conversation with a cute guy? Ask him if he caught the game last night because you sure did. In a job interview and want the guys in the office to take you seriously? Show them what you know. A little football comes in handy anywhere.

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