8 Everyday Things That Help You Naturally De-Stress

8 Everyday Things That Help You Naturally De-Stress

A few easily-accessible things to make life a little less stressful.

One time, I was walking through the mall and a man working at a kiosk that sold cell phone cases locked eyes with me, and suddenly I was trapped.

I didn’t really need a new cell phone case, but I suddenly found myself browsing through all the different designs. The salesman pulled out this soft pinkish/lavenderish case, solid with no designs, just this pretty shade of pink, and handed it to me. Now, I’m not even a pink person. I don’t really have any pink clothes and I never buy anything pink—but for some reason I was drawn to this case. He then said to me, “It has been proven that people with this color in their life have lower suicide rates.” He told me a story about a man attempting to jump off of a bridge and when he saw this color it prevented him.

So, of course I ended up buying the phone case. I was so drawn to his explanation of how something as simple as the color choice of an everyday item can affect mood. Whether it was a sales pitch or meant to be—I was moved by this positive influence. I was also moved by realizing how simple things in our everyday life can have quite an impact on how we live them.

Whether you suffer from the daily stresses of college, graduation, relationships, social or home-life—nerves are easily skyrocketed and it can be hard to deal. Keep in mind that it is possible to easily find peace and tranquility within everyday items—you just have to look for it.

Just like color choice, here are a few easy, everyday things that can help you live a stress-free life.

1.) Plants

Considering humans thrive off plants within nature, it’s only natural they bring us tranquility and help us de-stress. Plants raise oxygen levels in a room and purify the air, so it’s important to have them in your house to create a peaceful living environment. And just like any other living organism, it’s important to take care of your plants in order to create the most comfortable living. The best plants to help cleanse your home and naturally de-stress include Aloe Vera, bamboo, lilies and philodendron to name a few.

2.) Aromatherapy

…which means the use of natural oils. Aromatherapy is a form of natural, alternative medicine and used for a variety of therapies. Just as plants have a therapeutic effect on the body, so do natural oils extracted from flowers and parts of the plants like bark, stem, leaves and roots. Rather than using junky, manufactured products like body mists and lotions from Bath & Body Works, use natural oils to cleanse yourself and fuel balance to your mind and body.

3.) Sage

Regardless of the “spiritual cleanse” sage has historically been used for, this aromatic plant can be utilized as a culinary herb, as well as a form of therapy. If you don’t like smoke, this isn’t for you because cleansing with sage requires burning the dried plant and absorbing the aroma in your household. The tradition of sage smudging is rooted back to Native Americans and other indigenous people’s practices to call on ancestral spirits, absorb evil, heal people, cleanse homes and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. There are plenty of sage smudging rituals practiced today and it can be found at any local natural medicine or herbal health stores, as well as yoga studios, headshops, or Wiccan bookstores.

4.) Candles

When we think about using candles to de-stress, we can’t help but to picture laying eyes-closed in a bubble bath, in a dark bathroom lit with candles. Even though, we never actually do that because we never really have the time to waste—the truth is—this is not time wasted. It is essential to incorporate this type of relaxation in your life. Just as any other natural element, candles radiate energy from their burning flame, which enhances the atmosphere of a room.

5.) Lavender

Various forms of lavender and its extracted oils can be used for various medicinal reasons. This plant genus in the mint family is used in forms of integrative medicine like massage therapy and acupuncture and also used to help with conditions like insomnia, agitation, alopecia and more. Most importantly, it reduces stress and anxiety and stabilizes mood. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, “Aromatherapists use lavender in inhalation therapy to treat headaches, nervous disorders, and exhaustion. Herbalists treat skin ailments, such as fungal infections (like candidiasis), wounds, eczema, and acne, with lavender oil. It is also used in a healing bath for joint and muscle pain.”

6.) Himalayan Salt Lamp

Real Himalayan salt lamps with a hollowed-out center carved from solid blocks of salt are found in underground mines. The center of the block is a lightbulb that emits both light and heat and the salt attracts water molecules. Not only is this a great item to have in your house, it’s a cute, decorative item that will make your pad super Zen and all that hippie stuff. Salt lamps are known to purify the air, reduce allergies, asthma and infections, aid sleep, boost mood and reduce stress levels.

7.) Music in a peaceful area

Everyone knows that music has been proven to affect mood and feeling. It triggers our deepest emotions and brings out our most passionate thoughts and feelings. We all know music can heal, but what is also important to know is that music can make you feel worse too—depending on setting and state of mind. If you’re trying to relax, wind down and feel tranquil, listening to music in a peaceful, secluded area is best. If you’re partying in a club scene, trying to release your emotions through music, it might not always have the best result for your well-being. Classical music has even been proven to slow down heart rate, lower blood pressure, and decrease levels of stress hormones When you are feeling stressed, isolate yourself in a comfortable peace environment and let the sound of music do the rest.

8.) Soft colors on everyday items

With the story I mentioned above about the guy selling me the soft pink cell phone case, this is just one example of how color choice affects our everyday lives. It has been scientifically proven that color hues have an effect on the human eye by the way we view them and how they alter our state of mind. We associate certain colors with certain feelings and that’s why people have favorite colors and are surrounded by shades that subconsciously bring us happiness and contentment. Here’s a few examples and a guide for colors that will “make your mind pop.”

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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Women, It's Time We Start Lifting Each Other Up

Let's learn to lift when we rise.


Over the years I have seen women come together due to world or political events they stand up to. However, I still see women putting each other down constantly, even if it is over petty little things. Come on women, it's 2018. It's time we stop putting each other down and instead lift each other up.

A little over two weeks ago I attend the Professional Women's Forum at Millersville University in PA. The keynote speaker for the event was Nancy Lieberman a.k.a. "Lady Magic." Now I am not keen on basketball so I did not realize how popular of an athlete she is until that day, but nonetheless her story/speech was inspirational. I left the Forum that day realizing just how important it is for us women to define our obstacles, create a game plan, and then execute it as a team.

We women know all of the obstacles we face not only in the workplace, but in our every day lives. If we learn to work together we will be able to accomplish so much more than we can individually. So stop putting other women down. Who cares if that girl that studies less than you gets straight A's? Or how about that girl in HR that has the perfect body? We ALL have our strengths and weaknesses so quit the judging. Instead you should be encouraging and helping other women use their strengths while improving upon their weaknesses.

In order for us women to work as a team we need some common sayings to live by. From Nancy Lieberman's speech there are some key mottos I was able to take away and use in my own life. So start being proactive and use these 7 mottos. Not only will these mottos help you to become a better version of yourself, but they'll help you to encourage other women around you to do the same.

1. Get up every day and set the tone for your day.

YOU have the choice to determine how your day goes. Wake up and set the tone for your day.

2. Get rid of the mind monsters.

Too often we are stuck in our heads listening to those mind monsters. It's time we get rid of them. It's as simple as saying yes or no without having to assess every possible outcome.

3. Lift when you rise. 

When you're creating success for yourself make sure to lift others up around you. Nothing is more powerful than lifting up others as you rise.

4. It's your job to start your engine.

At the end of the day, you determine whether or not you will arrive at your goals or aspirations. You are the only one that can start the journey and ultimately arrive. So what are you waiting for? Start your engine and encourage others to start their's.

5. Make everyday your masterpiece.

Make sure you are adding to your masterpiece everyday. Great, beautiful things take time so make sure you are proactively working on your masterpiece each and every day.

6. See it, say it, be it.

Envision what you want to become, tell yourself that's how you want to become, and then become it. We have to start with a vision, then verbally reinforce ourselves, and finally put that vision into action.

7. No excuses, no explanations.

You are a woman who does not need to explain herself nor use excuses. You have the power over your decisions and most certainly don't have to explain them. Be wise in your decisions, but stay firm in them.

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