With Christmas being over, it is now time to focus on your plans for the next big holiday coming up, New Year’s Eve! Just like all the holidays that occur this time of year, New Year’s Eve is one of my favorites, and it is probably not for the reasons you may think. While many people think about celebrating New Year’s as going out and partying, it has always been different for me. Every year, my family will go out to dinner, and then come home, bring more food in for the night ahead of us, and just hang out. Now, obviously we do not just sit around and stare at each other until the ball drops at midnight, so, what exactly keeps us occupied? Here are 8 entertaining ways to pass the time if you are spending New Year’s Eve in with family this year:

1) Have a movie marathon.

While you can choose any movies, you can make the marathon even better by watching ones that take place on New Year’s Eve, such as When Harry Met Sally, Ghostbusters II, and my personal favorite, New Year’s Eve.

2) Watch New Year's Rockin' Eve.

With a lineup of all-star performers each year, this is an obvious choice, and most definitely a tradition at my house every year.

3) Have a game night.

Undeniable fun for the whole family!

4) Binge watch a show.

This is really always a fun idea. Try to pick something everyone will love, and get through at least the whole first season.

5) Have a baking party with all New Year's themed desserts.

Even if everyone does not like to bake, who does not love to eat dessert?

6) Have a karaoke/dance party.

It might not sound like fun, but believe me, if everyone gets into it, you might experience some of the most memorable moments of the night.

7) Have a smorgasbord.

Ask everyone coming over to bring a different type of food (Italian, Mexican, Chinese, etc.), and by the end of the night, you can see who ate from the most amount of places.

8) Make a Photo Booth.

Get a background and some fun props and take pictures with everyone to remember your favorite New Year’s Eve ever!