The average person should listen to at least 3 One Direction songs per day in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I totally just made up that statistic, but it's probably true. Nearly two years after the announcement of the band's hiatus, and two-and-a-half years post-Zayn Malik's departure from the group, people are still bopping One Direction on the daily. And let me tell, you, pretty much every One Direction song is still a total jam. Here are eight songs that you should still be listening to in 2017.

1. Kiss You

Truly an OG. I remember sitting at my computer surrounded by all my friends as we frantically refreshed the page waiting for the music video above to go live on YouTube. Pretty sure we all cried while we were watching it.

2. Steal My Girl

The other day my mom admitted to me that she ran four miles listening to this song and this song only. So.

3. No Control

You may remember 1D on Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, during which he insisted that the five of them adorn matching denim jackets and make a "music video" for this song in his car. Good times.

4. Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

Third in a row on this list off the band's creatively titled fourth album, "Four," meaning if you want the real 1D experience you should be listening to this album all the way through to hear all the hits.

5. Diana

We cannot possibly forget "Midnight Memories," the album that bridged the gap from bubble-gum pop songs into something a little more rock-influenced. "Diana" is one of the best songs off this album, no questions asked!

6. Wolves

"Made In The A.M." may have been missing Zayn, but it wasn't missing the catchy hits that we know and love from this band. "Wolves" is a perfect song to sum up that sound!

7. Hey Angel

I always thought this sounded like the intro to a late '90s/early 2000s rom-com. It still does. And that means that it will fit perfectly into your summer throwback jams playlist!

8. What Makes You Beautiful


The bottom line is that, even many years later, One Direction should still be making their way onto your summer playlists. Like, forever.