8 Daily Strategies To Improve Your Mental And Physical Health

Sometimes you get caught in a rut. You feel dragged down by life and can't escape the monotony of your day-to-day routine. It happens to everyone. There are some little changes that you can make to your life to help improve both your physical and mental health on a daily basis.

1. When you're mad, be mad

Something that is so often ignored in society is acknowledging your emotion. If you're mad, acknowledge your anger. Don't ignore it. Don't shove it down and try to move on. Address it. That is a healthy reaction to something that upsets you.

2. When you're happy, be happy

Don't feel like you should ever downplay your happiness for the sake of others. If the people around you are notoriously downers, don't be afraid to be a ray of sunshine. Allow yourself to feel a rainbow of emotions in a natural and organic way.

3. Take the stairs

An object in motion tends to stay in motion. An object in rest tends to stay at rest. Don't ever let your body, or spirit, stay in rest. Be active physically and mentally. Take the stairs. That physical exercise can do wonders for your body and your mood!

4. Reward yourself

Your rewards should never only be materialistic or food-based. Yes, you should and can certainly indulge in chocolate or retail therapy. That shouldn't be the only reward for yourself. Reward yourself with free time. Reward yourself with a walk through the park. Reward yourself with a lazy Sunday. Treat yourself to relaxation

5. Pack your own lunch

Cooking your own food and being in control of everything that goes into your body is incredibly empowering. It's something that can really make a huge change in your life. It seems small or silly, but making the peanut butter sandwich or packing the raisins in the brown bag will make you feel more in control of yourself.

6. Dance

This, in part, goes along with the second point. Don't deny yourself a good mood. If it's Sunday morning and you just drank two cups of coffee and made yourself a gourmet breakfast in bed, move the dirty dishes aside and jump on your bed! Blast the music and dance! Enjoy your life.

7. Positive affirmations

My roommate and I wake up every morning and say to each other, "Today is the day," "What a day to be alive," "Today we are going to run the world." Remind yourself, and the people around you, that you can do anything!

8. Organize and clean

Go to Goodwill. Donate your old clothes. Organize all your old receipts. Organize your pantry. My mom used to organize our spice rack all the time. It is something like that that seems so little, but can really improve your mood immensely. You will feel more equipped to take on the world!

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