Would it surprise you if I called Hillary Clinton a liar? Probably not, considering there is evidence of it plastered over every corner of the internet. For those of you who still fail to recognize her dishonest tendencies, here are eight blatant examples of Hillary lying.

1. Bosnian Sniper Fire (1996)

Hillary Clinton made a statement that she was "under sniper fire," upon her landing in Bosnia in 1996. She even went as far to say that a previously planned Greeting Ceremony had to be missed, as they ran with their heads down straight to the vehicles. This statement was not even remotely true. Here is proof.

2. Clinton Claims Her Grandparents Were Immigrants (2015)

While visiting Iowa, Hillary claimed that, "All my grandparents, you know, came over here." Various media outlets, including Buzzfeed and CNN, pointed out that this was incorrect - only one of her grandparents immigrated to America, that being from England.

3. The Clintons Were Apparently "Dead Broke" When Leaving The White House (2014)

Hillary claims that upon leaving the White House, her and her family struggled financially. She stated that they had trouble paying mortgages and had issues paying for Chelsea Clinton's education. If that's true, then how did they afford to buy a $1.7 million house in 1999, and a $2.8 million house in 2000? Even the left-leaning Politifact will agree with that.

4. Hillary Wants To Lower The Cost Of College Tuition

Well, if that is true, then why is the Clinton Foundation accepting millions of dollars of donations from universities across the United States? I sure don't want my tuition paying for Clinton's campaign.

5. Sir Edmund Hillary (1995)

Hillary apparently tried to claim that she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to conquer Mount Everest. As pointed out by the New York Times and various other sources, Sir Edmund Hillary did not climb Mount Everest until 1953... Hillary Clinton was born in 1947. See the discrepancies?

6. Hillary Tried To Join The Marines (1994)

In 1975, when Hillary was 26 years of age, she apparently attempted to join the Marines at a recruiting office in Arkansas. She was allegedly rejected because she was "too old" and had "bad eyes." Now at the time, Hillary was a very successful legal representative, about to marry a rising political figure (Bill Clinton), and was openly against the Vietnam War. Why would she throw everything away and join the military? This story has been widely disputed.

7. Benghazi (2012)

Maybe the most clear lie of them all. Clinton denies all responsibility for the deaths of Americans and instead plays the blame game. Seriously?

8. Email Scandal (2016)

The most recent and most dangerous lie by Clinton - the infamous private email server. Clinton denied any and all wrong-doings with her private email server; however, she was quickly proven wrong. Now, Hillary is not facing charges on this incident anymore, but she still did the crime... she's just not being held accountable.

Open your eyes, America.