Music is medicine. It helps mend a broken heart, turn frowns upside down and most importantly creates great vibes. There is literally an artist/genre out there for everyone!

Having a diverse music rotation is a MAJOR key. It can open your eyes to different lifestyles, backgrounds and cultures. Who doesn't want that?

Here's 8 uniquely diverse artists & a song to check out by them to add to your repertoire:

1. Brent Faiyaz/Sonder

The Baltimore singer, Brent Faiyaz is flat out perfect and his distinct, sultry voice can be heard on every track. He is also the lead singer of the trio, Sonder. Sonder is made up of Brent and two producers by the names of Atu and Dpat.

Gang Over Luv x Brent Faiyaz

Too Fast x Sonder

2. Jhené Aiko

Jhene's latest album, Trip, is about taking a psychedelic, healing journey after the death of her brother.

Psilocybin x Jhené Aiko

3. Masego

Masego is what I would call a "one-man band." He sings, produces and can play a number of instruments, however, his signature instrument is his saxophone. He actually gave his sax the name "Sasha" and her own Twitter page!

Sasha the Sax's Twitter

Girls that Dance x Masego

4. Smino

Smino. A true hip-hop artist. He has a quick rapping style and delivers puns and metaphors that are seriously top-notch!

blkswn x Smino

5. Kelela

She's eccentric and sings over wavy beats. What's better than that?

Frontline x Kelela

6. Jorja Smith

She's free-spirited with a calming voice to match. She has kind of an Amy Winehouse aura, but she is definitely one of a kind.

Something in the Way x Jorja Smith

7. Steve Lacy

Steve. Lacy. Listen to him. NOW!!!

Some x Steve Lacy

8. Kali Uchis

The Columbian sweetheart with badass bangers. She's known for her features with Tyler the Creator but she has definitely accumulated quite a few of her own hits.

Ridin Round x Kali Uchis