Fortnite. Whether you're six, a college student, a single mother, or a grandparent to many kids, you probably have heard of the game Fortnite. If you haven't... don't tell people that. 99% of the people you tell that to will scream something along the lines of "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT THAT IS?! NOOB." You think I'm kidding, but some people are very aggressive about this game.

For those who are not aware of the actual content of the game I shall explain: you're in a match of 100 people, including yourself and any friends you decided to add to your "party." You jump out of the "party bus" (which actually was remodeled to look birthday themed for its one year anniversary) and scream to your fellow friends, "where we droppin' boys?" Once you land somewhere on the map, you must scavenge for materials, weapons, and medical supplies to help yourself throughout the match. While fighting other players, a clock runs down every so often to signal when the zone is moving in. If you are outside the zone, you are considered to be in the storm, which takes away your health. The last man or team standing wins.

Fortnite is incredibly popular throughout the teens of today and even some younger kids in elementary schools. Some say it's the best game ever to be created, while others around the world consider the game to be more addicting than drugs. You think I'm kidding, but that's how much of an impact this game made on the world in just. One. Year.

What makes this game a big hit is that the online feature is free. If you want to play story mode, which most people don't seem to play, you have to actually buy the game. Now for a free game, Fortnite makes a lot of flipping money off people. How? Through V-Bucks. V-Bucks allow you to buy a battle pass for the new season online, and new skins, gliders, and pick axes in the item shop. To get 1,000 V-Bucks you need to spend $10. That will get you one battlepass, which lasts about 70ish days. In the battlepass you can earn more V-Bucks, skins, wallpapers, and more by leveling up. If you save up your V-Bucks from leveling up you can basically get the next battlepass for free.

Do you need the battlepass or skins to play? No. There's nothing wrong with having the free skins and basic pick axe and not spending a dime on the game. My friend Dan tells me sarcastically all the time, "Skins get wins" because of how I actually spend money on the game. How much? I don't know. I play the game, I like it, and that's what matters.

As for you, the reader, maybe you hate Fortnite with a passion or perhaps you love it so much that you bought merch for it (A.K.A. me). It's part of the times right now whether people like it or not. Even athletes in major sports leagues are playing it in their free time. I saw on the news the other day that people are worried about athletes playing fortnite more than practicing. Crazy right?

Just wanted to share an article about this game to celebrate its one year anniversary. Trust me, it'll definitely be around for a VERY long time.