I am majoring in English, which you probably expected because I decided to write for this website. Something you might not have expected since I don't talk about it that much is that I am minoring in dance. I've been dancing since I was eight, and love it, but I don't necessarily want to pursue it as a career. However, being an English major and a dance minor has mad for an interesting two years of college. If you are a fellow English major and dance minor, there are things that you probably know all too well.

1. Nearly everyone in your dance classes, majors in theater.

If your school doesn't have a dance major, chances are, a lot of people in the dance minor are theater majors. The theater major might even require taking some dance courses, like at my college. For some strange reason, I've only met one other person who is also an English major and dance minor in two years of classes. I am confused.

2. You can't attend many performances because of homework.

Sometimes there are fun performances on campus, at least at my campus, and I can never go to any of them because I have to write paragraphs and read books.

3. You remember choreography based on what lyric a move is on

Lyrical dancing takes a whole other meaning with me. It's always how I have remembered combinations mainly because I remember song lyrics really well. I also tend to choreograph dances to a song's lyrics.

4. You overanalyze the lyrics of the songs you're dancing to

All the analysis and summarizing you have to do in English classes have bled into my daily life. I try to find the real meaning behind songs, which will transfer to the actual dance the song is too. This is particularly helpful with my emotion and performance on stage.

5. You hate when your dance professor assigns a writing assignment

Because you already have enough of those, godammit! But for real, dance classes have response assignments that aren't too bad, but usually you have to make more time to do it, while making sure your five page and one thousand word essay on Pygmalion is done.

6. You wear dance clothes to class everyday.

I mean, obviously. It's not like there's a locker room or time to change in dance clothes.

7. You don't have to worry about binge eating at one in the morning because you get a good workout in.

It's the only class that is physical activity, and you have to practice your choreography in order to remember it, so it increases.