There are a lot of things we are told we cannot do. I'm not talking about being told things like, "no, you can't touch fire, Johnny, because you're going to get burned," or "no, you can't pet that raccoon, Suzy, because you're going to get mauled." I'm talking about things where the expression our predicted failure or deficiency by others is more implied than explicitly expressed: pursuing certain hobbies, choosing a certain career path, how successfully we complete a certain activity or task.

It's easy to hold onto these things that we cannot do and use them to guide our life. But herein lies another thing we cannot do: live this way. Edward Everett Hale once said, "I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still, I can do something. And because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do the something that I can do."

So instead of defining and confining ourselves to what we cannot do, let us remember the things we can do. You may be pleasantly surprised to see just how truly capable you are.

75 Things I Can Do

  1. Sing the alphabet backward
  2. Bake the best chocolate chip cookies in the world
  3. Love
  4. Be loved
  5. Eat an entire rack of ribs by myself (in addition to a side of garlic bread and sweet potato fries)
  6. Offer my seat to people on the bus who need it more
  7. Drive decently
  8. Be selfless most of the time
  9. Be selfish some of the time
  10. Cox a boat
  11. Cry in public
  12. Not give a fuck about crying in public
  13. Make people laugh
  14. Write decent poetry
  15. Pass physics with an A
  16. Snowboard pretty well
  17. Boogie board even better
  18. Have faith
  19. Dream big
  20. Swim kinda fast
  21. Run kinda fast
  22. Cut my own bangs
  23. Pull them off without looking like a child
  24. Sing really well in the shower
  25. Offer good advice
  26. Take good advice
  27. Type the words "Hello," "Google," and "Boobs" on a calculator using only numbers
  28. Fry an egg
  29. Make my bed every morning
  30. Do my own laundry
  31. Clean my room without being told
  32. Hold for my breath for 40 seconds
  33. Shower in less than 5 minutes
  34. Be proud of my friends' accomplishments
  35. Take pride in my own
  36. Hula hoop for a really long time
  37. Squeeze into small spaces during hide-and-seek
  38. Do a cartwheel
  39. Complete crossword puzzles
  40. Give good hugs
  41. Talk to adults
  42. Empathize
  43. Appreciate what I have
  44. Use a pipet
  45. Look good in boring colors
  46. Fit into children's clothes
  47. Speak Spanish at a middle school level
  48. Plan a vacation by myself
  49. Wake up the first time my alarm goes off
  50. Build a hydroponic garden from scratch
  51. Recite the entire script from the coming of age film Aquamarine
  52. Hold things in
  53. Let things go
  54. Learn to forgive
  55. Be kind to those who are not kind to me
  56. Trust people with my secrets
  57. Be the keeper of other people's secrets
  58. Say "no" to dessert sometimes
  59. Eat a whole bag of chips in one sitting
  60. Have fun staying in on a Friday night
  61. Stay awake in class
  62. Spend money only on things I need
  63. Be okay with spending money on things I want
  64. Admit when I need help
  65. Accept it from those who offer it
  66. Use chopsticks
  67. Do a pull-up
  68. Calculate sale prices without using the calculator on my phone
  69. Sit in silence comfortably
  70. Be mature
  71. Be immature
  72. Rap the first and second verse of Ice Ice Baby
  73. Acknowledge the things I cannot do
  74. Remember all of the things I can
  75. Love myself for who've I become and everything that I am