7 Ways Worry-Warts Can Become More Chill

7 Ways Worry-Warts Can Become More Chill

Steps to take when worrying becomes your key trait.

Worry-warts are always jealous of chill people because unlike the nice and relaxed, easygoing half of the population, the worriers become anxious about trivial matters, and constantly assume that they will be that 1 percent when it comes to something going wrong. If you happen to be a person losing valuable sleep over such matters, then here are a few ways you can transform into a chill person–or at least someone who doesn’t worry quite as much.

1. Find a hobby or something that you enjoying doing to occupy your mind.

There’s a reason why Benjamin Franklin once said, “It is the working man who is the happy man. It is the idle man who is the miserable man.” Oftentimes when you are sitting around and doing nothing, random and unnecessary thoughts can flood into your head. The best way to stop thinking about things that you know logically are silly, is to immerse yourself into an activity that you enjoy doing. Bottom line is: keep yourself busy.

2. Work out.

We all know the physical benefits of working out–it gets rid of the aches and pains of a lazy bum and instead gives us the aches and pains of spazzing calf muscles and a sore stomach whenever we cough or laugh. But in all seriousness, working out not only benefits us physically by keeping our hearts healthy and pumping, but also mentally because it improves our self-esteem. Then there’s also the fact that if you maintain a consistent workout routine (for example if you often go for runs), your body will release endorphins, which will make your brain realize how happy you are (to put it in layman’s terms).

3. Eat healthy.

Eating healthy along with working out will in total make you feel like a million bucks. And if you feel a certain way, it is inevitable that you will radiate the same positivity in your actions–all of which will make you into a more chill person.

4. Go out and interact.

Oftentimes worry-warts live inside their heads. This can all change if you find the courage to go out there, meet up with a bunch of people, and have some (responsible) fun. Trust me, when you’re out and about with a group of people you enjoy being with, there will be hilarious stories shared and there will be a lot of laughter. Whether there’s science behind it or not, laughing is, no doubt, therapeutic–so much so that you won’t even remember that you were obsessing over whether or not you wrote your name on that exam from the afternoon, and how, if you didn’t, your professor will probably deduct 10 points. (But chances are you wrote your name.)

5. Control your internet usage.

If you become anxious over every little thing that is different about you or freak out because you have a symptom that matches up with one of WebMD’s prognoses–then step away from the screen and breathe. In times of constant panicking and worrying, the Internet is not your friend.

6. Become best friends with someone super chill.

When I say super chill, I don’t mean someone who is super relaxed because they got themselves a little bit of that Juanita (look it up if you don’t know what I’m saying). I mean someone whose outlook on life is almost annoyingly positive. Someone who is logically cautious yet knows how to have fun and see the best in various situations. Someone who will talk and talk and fill your mind with positive thoughts, yet someone who will also listen to your rants and random thoughts. (Side note: this is the best friend you need to hold onto.)

7. Talk to a professional, go to psychological counseling, etc.

If your worrying is severely affecting your eating or sleeping habits, if it’s negatively affecting how you interact with your friends or others, or if it’s ruining your overall ability to function properly–that’s a serious matter. In that case, you’re not a worry-wart, but you do have an anxiety issue that should not be taken lightly; not to worry, though, (we all need some humor in our lives) because this can be resolved with the help of a counselor or a therapist. I guarantee that they will be able to give you the help and support you need.

If you are a Brandeis student, going to the Psychological Counseling Center (or calling them to speak to someone or make an appointment for a session: 781-736-3730) will serve you well. If you happen to be a student from a different school, definitely contact a counselor there or go to the counseling center available on your campus.

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In Defense Of Being 'Basic'

There's nothing wrong with liking popular things.

Let’s admit that calling someone “basic” is an insult. But why? When you say someone is basic, you’re essentially saying they like things that lots of other people like — and what’s wrong with that?

Being different from everybody doesn’t mean being any better. While I applaud the spirit of not being afraid to stand out, there is no intrinsic good in it. Likewise, there is no intrinsic virtue in going with the crowd. These two lifestyles are totally morally unattached.

It’s easy for people to think that if they are different from others, they are better. They’re all doing it one way, and I’m doing it another, so since I am so bold and original enough to do it differently, I must be doing it better! In reality, the only significant difference is that thinking you’re better than someone because you don’t like "Stranger Things," in fact, makes you worse. "Stranger Things" is a great show and you're missing out. It’s won 5 Emmys and has been nominated for 13 more, no small feat. If it’s massively popular with fans and with TV critics who are probably much smarter than us then why would liking it be bad? The same goes for "Grey’s Anatomy," "Friends," and just about every other popular show.

This brings up a larger point, that popular things are usually popular for a reason. L.L.Bean boots became so popular because they’re very high quality and are built to last a lifetime. Starbucks has been so enduring because they offer a delicious variety of handsome-looking drinks. Also, those semicolon tattoos may be overused at this point but you can't deny the reason behind them is pretty cool.

So what’s wrong with liking the likable?

When being basic is considered bad, usually, the only logical reason given to justify that is that basic people can’t form their own opinions. They just go along with everything and let the mainstream dictate everything they like and don’t like.

Essentially, they are told what to think and accept it readily. However, of course, no one is really like this. That would be some impossible extreme; Plato’s theoretical form of a basic girl.

It’s easy to see a girl wearing an oversized sweater or a guy in a golf polo and immediately judge them, placing them into a category beneath you. In reality, every person is a person and has their own opinions, and sometimes most of those opinions are shared by many others. But in a country so divided, is it so bad for us all to agree on things as innocuous as taste in music and fashion? It’s a cliche but we need to treat people as human beings with dignity and not as some mindless stereotype.

To be honest, I feel bad for those people who think they’re better than others because they’re not basic. These people are just unhappy and unhappy people always seem to think that the key to being happy is to make happy people unhappy. Let so-called basic people enjoy what makes them happy. Just because you can’t get any joy out of what they like doesn’t make you special. The more things you like, the happier you will be.

So, instead of bringing others down to feel good about yourself, how about you make yourself feel better, let go of all pretense and admit that Camila Cabello’s songs are really really catchy.

Cover Image Credit: 123rf

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